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Van Dark: Messi should take Golden Globes better than me, please respect his achievements



Van Dike recognizes Messi award

The 2019 Golden Globe Awards ceremony came down. Van Dak lost to Messi with a second place. It missed the prize, but Van Dak himself expressed his recognition of the results of the award.

“To be honest, I never thought that I could participate in the Golden Globe Awards ceremony until I was nominated. This shows my career achievement. This is not an easy thing. My career Unlike those winners, I have come to the scene of this ceremony when I am so old, but I have never given up my dream. I have to work hard every step. “


Van Dike’s results in the past year are great

“Unfortunately, there are two players very good this year, such as Messi. Look, the 6 Golden Globe Awards achievements, we need to respect such a great player. I am very close to the Golden Globe Award, but one is better player of.”

“I am proud of my achievements in Liverpool and the Netherlands in the past year. I hope we can do this again this year, but looking at those outstanding players, you will know that it will be difficult to achieve such achievements again. “

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