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Valencia data: 2 shots scored 2 goals and got the highest score in the game

In the World Cup, Ecuador defeated the host Qatar 2-0, and Valencia was twice. It not only won the best in FIFA, but also the highest score of the scoring website.

Statistics show that Valencia played for 77 minutes in this game and scored 2 goals twice.

His expectations for this game were 0.96, but he finally scored 2 goals.

The battle of Valencia 3 times and two successfuls.

He touched the ball 39 times, passed the ball 21 times, 13 times in place, and the success rate of passing was 62%.

Valencia has won 8 ground confrontation in this game 11 times, 1 land acquisition has won 1 time, and the right to lose the ball.

Valencia was fouled in the game and suffered four violations.Outflow.

At the defensive level, Valencia intercepts 1 to two steals.

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