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Uruguay’s head coach “Shuai” on the hot search. He was a foreign aid of Shanghai Shenhua Team


Diego Alonso.

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On the evening of the 24th, Qatar World Cup South Korea faced Uruguay. Compared with the results of the 0-0 game, one person first went to the hot search.

He is 47 -year -old Uruguay coach Diego Alonso.

That’s right, he was wearing a high center of the Shanghai Shenhua Spear and destroying the city in the Chinese Super League 15 years ago. Who can expect that Alonso, who was criticized for “parallel imports” that year, can now have such a gorgeous turn?


Alonso used to be the veteran of Shenhua.

Intelling a suit and hairstyle, Alonso, is already a popular newcomer in the coaching world, but the old -qualified Shenhua fans are familiar with the heroic posture of Uruguay’s blue shirts and siege.

From “Shenhua’s Famous Su” to Uruguay, it was 15 years of vicissitudes.

At the beginning of 2007, Zhu Jun’s inventory of Shanghai Liancheng introduced three well -known South America internationals in the transfer market. Alonso was one of the most famous one of them. After that, Liancheng and Shenhua Lightning merged, and Alonso became the team’s new No. 9.


Handsome Alonso.

But at that time, he was injured and he was not adapted to the atmosphere of the Super League. The coach Gimeneus was full of use of him. In the first 9 rounds of the league, Alonso, who had not scored a goal, was posted on the “parallel imports. “hat of.

After a brief adjustment, Alonso gradually recovered, and the new coach Wu Jingui scored a continuous goal after taking office, which completely reversed the bad review. Mei opened the twice to help Shenhua reverse Guoan 3 to 2, and it is even more of the masterpieces of super career. Unfortunately, in the end of the season, Uruguay’s center was injured and had to return to China for treatment in advance.

Throughout the season, Alonso scored 12 goals for Shenhua and helped the team win the A3 championship. At the time of farewell, the Uruguayan said with tears in tears that he hoped that he could come back and continue to work for Shenhua. Unfortunately, the two parties failed to continue the forefront in the new season.

So, how did Diego Alonso become the coach of Uruguay?

Since the start of the Qatar World Cup South American qualifiers, the Uruguay team has plummeted. The first 7 rounds of qualifiers have won 2 wins. After 14 rounds, they only ranked 7th in South America. In terms of the team, this is a completely unacceptable performance.

The record is not good, and someone must come out to carry the pot. This is the 15 -year -old Tavarez who has coached the team. Although the handsome commander who watched the cane in the cane was respectful, no matter how high the prestige was, it was particularly fragile under the defeat.

After several weighing, Diego Alonso led himself.

As a representative of the Uruguayan Shaozhuang faction, Alonso has led the Mo Super Team Pacheka and Montere, and won the Champions League of the Central North America and the Caribbean Champions League.

In December 2019, Alonso became the first coach of the history of the American Professional Football League Miami International Team. But in this team of Beckham’s heavy capital injection, he only coached 24 games. Although the team entered the playoffs, he eventually ranked 10th.

On January 7 last year, Alonso was removed from office by the club and has been leisure since then.

Compared to Tavarez, who is called Uruguay football godfather, Alonso is undoubtedly a junior.

However, it is the short contract of only 360 minutes of this core work, but witnessed Uruguay’s death:

At the end of January, the FIFA game day, Uruguay first won Barguay, and then broke through Venezuela 4-1, and the situation was in danger. When it was decided to go out in March, Uruguay defeated the goal with De Alaskata and defeated 1-0 by 1-0. In the last qualifiers, the dark horse Peru was successful in the early round.

Later, he also got the opportunity to officially lead Uruguay to the Qatar World Cup.

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