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Uranus will not benefit from the purpose of profit for profit.

On December 9th, Beijing time, heavenly duel, in addition to competitive attributes, also has charity.The income of the event will be donated to the people of the disaster -stricken areas affected by Hurricane Ian.Hurricane Ian was rated as a grade fourth -level hurricane, sweeping the west coast of Florida, and it was the state’s most deadly hurricane since 1935.

Dan Doyle, co-founder of the Pelican Golf Club, and son Dan Doul have been considering how to help the disaster.They have a beautiful golf course, so they made a few calls and decided to host a top player to participate, and the influence could cover global events.

“In terms of charity, coupled with the seventh session of the King of the King, we all tried to find a way to give back to the local community,” Woods said.”Unfortunately, Hurricane Ian destroyed the West Coast of Florida. Some people lost their homes, electricity, and the loved ones I love … This duel of heaven will be donated to the disaster.Money comes out. “

Jordan Sipi also participated in. He said that the previous six sessions of Uranus raised $ 33 million for charity. Perhaps this session on Saturday will break all previous records.

It is certain that the four good friends playing 12 holes in the light will create many positive things.Speaking of tigers, he will try a new partner to see if he can adapt to the world’s first.Although they have never partnered, the prospects look good.

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