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Unprecedented Different Different British 6 -ball Youth Storm, De Ah, can not support it after 00


Spain 7 goals wins

Four days of the World Cup, two extreme unpopular games appeared. Both Germany and Argentina won 1 penalty kick in the first half and were reversed by the Asian team in the second half.

You know that in the past, Japan never won Germany, and he was very afraid of the physical speed team of Germany. The last World Cup was defeated to Germany to copy Belgium.

In the past World Cup, Saudi Arabia is famous for losing a big score, but now it has made the world -renowned ball king Messi encountering embarrassment in life.

In contrast, England’s 6-2 and Spain’s 7-0 victory were shocked.

What is the reason that these four teams have won the World Cup championship and the four teams who have the most promising cups in the World Cup. Is there such a huge performance gap?

The dusk of the gods!

This is the tone of Qatar in 2022 based on the age of Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo before the start of the World Cup.

But now it seems that the dusk of the gods is indeed dusk, and it is the storm of youth.

2022 is the world of young people after 00.

Among the German national team, there were 4 post -00 players, but only Mu Xiala got the start and played for 73 minutes and was replaced by Gezze. Looking at the 18 -year -old Gavil and 19 -year -old Belinsham, the 17 -year -old Muko obviously couldn’t get enough trust in the head coach Frick.

Among the Argentine national team led by Messi, there were two players born in 2001. The 24th Enzo Fernandez, who was always sitting on the bench in 90 minutes, watching his team losing.

Alfarez replaced in 59 minutes, but drowned in an inefficient offense in Argentina.

In contrast, 4 post -00 England teams first launched Belinsham and Saka. The two of them scored 3 goals, and Fudden was replaced in the second half.

Belinsham is considered to be the successor of Gerald. He is connected before and after the midfield and the first record for England. It indicates that in the next 10 years, he will be the well -deserved core of the English national team.

There are 8 post -00s in the powerful Spain, 5 of them come from Barcelona.

The 18 -year -old and 111 -day Gavi 1 shot and 2 passed, becoming the youngest Spanish in the World Cup, and became the best on the spot. Torres, 20, also scored 2 goals and won the cheers in advance for 57 minutes.

The 19 -year -old Pedry curbed Costa Rica’s counterattack in the midfield. He used a great victory to give the brightest candle on his birthday to his birthday tomorrow.

This is the differences between the four great heroes in this World Cup.

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  1. Spain is too scary.fear.

  2. Belinsham Gavil?

  3. Argentine coach is okay?

  4. How do you understand?Is there a primary school graduation certificate?

  5. This editor is too unprofessional, German team has Gavi, Belinsham?

  6. Enzo has played in the second half, Xiaobian is professional

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