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Union Cup-Nadal swallowed eggs and then reversed the new season 2 consecutive defeats


After the United States Cup was in the first battle, after the first battle was by Norri, she swallowed the invisible egg and was turned over by Demanal.

On January 2nd, Beijing time, the United Cup in 2023 entered the fifth competition, the Spanish team played against the Australian team.22 Grand Slam winners swallow stealth eggs in the competition of Nadal, and finally lost to Deminar 6-3/1-6/5-7.1 wins and 6 losses.Deminar’s first victory over Nadal, his first victory in TOP2.

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  1. If you have injuries, you can take medicine. If you do n’t hurt, you dare not eat more

  2. He usually has injuries to erupt, and he will have the best state.Ten days later, watching Natto pass the barrier …

  3. It feels like he needs injuries and stimuli!

  4. Smoke bombs

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    Sportsisalsotheworld 1月 3, 2023 at 2:36 上午

    Natto is good or bad, and I still have no feeling of finding the game. The warm -up match is defeated. I hope that he can find a good state.

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