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Ukrainian striker severely injured and bid farewell to the European Cup in the European Cup request for forgiveness

According to the Spanish Eiffic Society, the Ukrainian striker who was severely injured in the European Cup 1/8 finals of the European Cup 1/8, and thanked the golden striker, and had determined to bid farewell to the European Cup in advance.

Ukraine’s match against Sweden was approaching the first half of the overtime match, and the Swedish central defender Danielson, who currently played for the Chinese Super League, directly hit the knee of Bie Jie. After watching the video, the red card Danielson was sent off. Don’t thank Jin Jin’s injuries and can’t walk autonomously, and the two left the scene.

According to news from the Ukrainian national team, the initial inspection shows that don’t thank you for being injured in multiple parts of the golden legs, and it is likely to hurt the cruel ligament.

Ukrainian coach Schantheko said: “That’s a fierce pedal, we are very annoyed.”

Danielson said: “I asked for forgiveness and told him that I was not intentional. I hope he recovers as soon as possible. He accepted an apology, but he would not speak English, so our conversation was very short. I feel that he accepted it. Apologize.”

The Ukrainian team doctor said: “Players need to receive more accurate examinations, but obviously this type of injury requires a long rehabilitation period. He will not be able to play in the future.” (Sergio)

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