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Two upside down 2 unpopular 3 games in the first round of the World Cup in the first round of the World Cup

In the early morning of November 25, Beijing time, the first round of the World Cup in the World Cup in 2022.

All the top 32 are unveiled, a few happy and sad.



1 inverted hook

In the first round, a shocking inverted hooked. The last five -star Brazil, with Richard’s upside down, let the world appreciate the charm of art football.


Saudi Arabia

2 big unpopular

There are many upsets in the World Cup, but the Asian team, which is considered to be a fish belly. This time, the two teams turned over and shocked four.

First of all, there were Japan after Saudi Arabia. They were judged behind in the first half and reversed the offense in the second half.

The overturnings have won the World Cup in history, this World Cup is the most popular heroes -Argentina and Germany.

The strong may not be able to win, the strong is the strong.



3 victory

The five World Cups won the hot team, and the two were burst into cold. The other three won the smooth and smooth water, and played a super score.

First of all, England defeated Iran 6 to 2; then France had a coolness of Australia 4 to 1.

The most scary is Spain. Their mercury and diarrhea -style attacks are full of sympathy for Costa Rica. I even felt that 90 minutes was too long.

Although it also happened similar to Spain, the miracle of winning the World Cup in the first World Cup group stage in 2010.

However, after the first round, it was obvious that the state was better. The most champion was the three heroes+a Brazil with gorgeous dance steps.

In addition, after the first round of VAR, the cancellation of the goal was also three.


South Korea forced Uruguay

4 games 0-0

In the 2018 World Cup in Russia, only Denmark played a 0-0 game against France.

In this World Cup, 16 games appeared in the first round of the group. Although there is no goal, these 4 games are not dull, and the rhythm of the offense is compact, and they have their own opportunities, but they are not lucky.


England’s most agreed Saka

6 people plum twice

In the first round of the game, a total of 6 people scored 2 goals in a single game. They are Ecuador’s Balencia, Sakaka in England, Trymy in Iran, Gyruk in France, Torres in Spain, and Richards in Brazil.


Bell’s penalty penalty

8 points hit

In the first round of goals, 8 goals scored by penalty kicks. In addition, Poland and Canada also lost their penalty kicks and failed to win the game.



41 score

A total of 41 goals scored in the first round, 5 more goals than the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Obviously, 0-0 did not affect the excitement of the game.

The 2022 Qatar World Cup 16 games in the first round, with an average number of goals per game of 2.56.


Just ask you not to be convinced

55 yellow cards

In the first round, all the referees presented a total of 55 yellow cards, without a red card.

In addition, in the 16 games, both sides of the game played standard and clean, and did not get a yellow card, that was, Germany played against Japan.


Both of them scored goals

The dusk of the gods — Cristiano and Messi both relying on the penalty kick in the first round, adding their own number of goals in the World Cup, but the teams of the two have won and one, and they are happy.


This is also small fresh meat

Youth Storm -00 -back, Belins, Sakaka, Gaisa, Torres, Pedrich, Vinius, etc. are impressive.

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