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Two reversal!Australia 2-0 Dutch returns to the top four of Davis Cup


The Australian team defeated the Dutch team 2-0 under the leadership of Captain Huite, led the Dutch team to advance to the semi-finals

In the early morning of November 23, Beijing time, the Davis Cup in 2022 ended the first quarter -finals in Maraa. The Australian team defeated the Netherlands 2-0 and returned to the semi-finals after five years! The Australian semi -finals will face the winner between Croatia and the Spanish team fighting at home.

Australia 2-0 Dutch Team


Thompson scored a point for the Australian team

Thompson 4-6/7-5/6-3 Gricks Pur

Thompson, the 84th in the world, took 2 hours and 53 minutes. After losing one, it successfully reversed, defeating the 96th Giriks Purcery in the world’s ranking of Australia. In the entire game, Thompson scored 16 ACES balls, with only one double error, which resolved 11 of the 13 broken points.


Deminar helps Australia lock the victory

Demonal 5-7/6-3/6-4 Van Dezan Dushu

Demonal took 2 hours and 38 minutes in use, and also staged a good show. In the entire game, Demonal resolved seven of them in the face of eight breakthroughs; Van Dandzharp had swallowed three consecutive defeats in the face of TOP25 players.

Beijing time will play in the second 1/4 final tonight, Croatia’s match with Spain.

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  1. There are no high rankings to participate in the Davis Cup, but unfortunately Russia could have no pressure to defend the title without pressure.

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