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Two -color balls set up 3 bets 10 million points to 3 place prizes, the balance of 1.745 billion yuan



On January 15, 2023, Beijing time, the 23007th lottery of the Fucai dual color ball. The following is a detailed lottery process:

21:15 Two -color ball lottery prize starts began

The 21:18 award number is all produced.

At 21:20, the size ratio ratio of the red ball number is 3: 3, the three zone ratio is 3: 1: 2, and the strange coupling ratio is 4: 2.In terms of morphology, the red ball was issued in the current red ball 06, 2 oblique connecting number 09 25; the blue ball was opened in 13 periods 03.

At 22:20, 3 prizes were issued in the current prize, with a single bonus of 10 million yuan. The 3 bet prizes were divided into Beijing, Hubei, and Qinghai.The second prize was released with 160 bets, and the single bet was more than 134,000 yuan.The national sales of two -color balls in this issue were 357 million yuan, and the balance of the prize pool was 1.745 billion yuan after the prize was completed.

Other game lottery lottery numbers that night were:

Fucai 3D No. 23015 Latest lottery number: 5 3 2 2

Arrange the latest draw number 23015: 6 0 6

Arrange the latest lottery number 23015: 6 0 6 0 7

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