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Two -color ball jackpot 21 bets 6.32 million 14. Equipping the prize of Guangdong 1 stop 85.25 million

On December 8th, Beijing time, the 22141 lottery of Fucai Double Color Ball. The current lottery number is: Red Ball 05 12 13 17 20 27; Blue Ball 14.This issue is the 17th issue of the 1.2 billion prizes of double -color balls.The first prize was released for 21 bets, and the single bet was more than 6.32 million yuan, of which 14 bets won the first prize of the first prize and the prize of 1.42 million yuan, and the single bet bonus was more than 7.75 million yuan.

According to the retrieval, the first prize of the first prize of the 11th Note in Guangdong, both from two tickets from the same lottery station, one of the bets as one lottery, 10 bets are another lottery, and 85.25 million prizes burst; the other 3Note first prize special prizes, Hubei, Ningxia and Xinjiang each bet.In the basic first prize of the 7 bets, Shandong won 5 bets, from the same lottery. The single ticket won 31.62 million, and Jiangsu 2 bets.

The second prize was released for 135 bets, and the single bet was more than 257,000 yuan.The national sales amount of two -color balls in this period was 415 million yuan, and the balance of the prize pool after the prize was 1.67 billion yuan.

In addition, the special prize of 20 million yuan in this prize is completed. According to the rules of the prize, the next (No. 22142) first prize special prize amount is 20 million yuan, and the six -class prize award balance is 154,973,830 yuan.

This prize event is expected to last for 20 periods, only for the two -color ball lottery ticket with a single ticket amount of more than 20 yuan (inclusive).The total amount of the award was 1.2 billion yuan, including the first prize special award of 400 million yuan, and the six -class prize doubled award of 800 million yuan.Related reading-two-color ball 1.2 billion major award will start on the evening of November 1st

The following is a detailed lottery process:

21:15 Two -color ball lottery began

The 21:18 award number is all produced, this issue number: Red Ball 05 12 13 17 20 27; Blue Ball 14.

21:20 The size ratio ratio of the red ball number is 3: 3, the three district ratio is 1: 4: 1, and the strange ratio is 3: 3.In this issue, the red ball opens a group number 12 13; a group of the same tail number is 07 27; the heavy number is 20 27; 17 are opened separately;Blue balls off the number 14 of the part 1.

Other game lottery lottery numbers that night are:

Fucai 3D 22328 Latest lottery number: 9 30 0

Latest 32328 Latest lottery number: 6 2 0

Arrange 5th 22328 Latest lottery number: 6 2 0 2 9

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  1. The end of the year

  2. Director, it should be divided into me once, you won the first prize, and give me a second prize of hundreds of thousands of prizes.

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