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Two -color ball is now 0.1%rare form. The probability of 100%of the three characteristics in the next period

On January 5, 2023, Beijing time, the 23003th issue of Fucai Double Color Ball.In the current red ball, two groups 2 in the same tail number are once again, which are 05 25 and 08 18. This is already the fourth consecutive period to open such a formal combination, which has caused heated discussion among the lottery.

The two -color ball and the same tail number, as a high probability of opening, has always been paid special attention to the color friends. It is not uncommon to open two groups of 2 in the same tail in the same period.produce.However, in the last 4th phase of the awards, it was rare to open 4 groups and 2 groups, 2 groups, 2 groups, and 2 groups.According to the author’s statistics, in the 2947th lottery number of the two -color ball, this form has only been issued 5 times, accounting for 0.1%.

In addition, the consecutive period of this form has reached the pole value, and the situation of the form of 5 stages has never been opened. From the probability, the next number can avoid the appearance of this form.

The author summarized the previous number of the previous combination 4 times and found some of these numbers. Let’s take a look:

1. The probability of opening the same tail number is 100%.Although it is not recommended to continue to consider two groups and 2 in the next period, the same group number in separate groups is still hot. The above 4 -stage number is opened, the probability is 100%;

2. The link rate of the continuous code is 100%.As shown in the above table, the continuous code form is issued in the 4th issue, which is worthy of attention;

3. Most of the faucets are strange, Fengwei is mostly even.Among these 4 numbers, the strange faucet and the occasional Phoenix tail were opened for 3 periods, accounting for 75%;

4. Blue balls are all strange numbers!And Xiaoqi numbered numbers 3 times, accounting for 75%.

Of course, the digital color chasing roots are also a random game. The number of numbers is full of randomness. Although sometimes we can touch some rules from it, we can only be used as a reference for numbers.It is necessary to maintain rationality and do what you do.

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