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Two-color ball 186 million winners donate 10 million yuan per year to do tens of yuan


Two -color ball 186 million against the prize scene

Editor’s note: On November 20, 2022, Beijing time, the highly anticipated Qatar World Cup started fiercely, and the Sina Lottery also opened the “Review of the Great Award of 100 million yuan in the domestic lottery market”, accompanied by the World Cup process, watching the ball, buying lottery, buying lottery, buying lottery and buying lottery. At the same time, take you to revisit the excitement of the giant prizes in those years! The two -color ball 186 million awards were released on December 14 last year. The prize winner bought lottery tickets. It was more free to buy a lottery. It invested dozens of dollars each time. After winning, he donated 10 million!

On December 14, 2021, the Giant Award of 186 million yuan in the Chinese Welfare Lottery Double Color Games shocked Hefei, Anhui, and the news immediately turned over the entire color market. It is found that the 186 million giant award in Anhui this time is the 34 billion yuan award in the history of the two -color ball, ranking 13th in the two -color ball 100 million yuan award. At the same time, it is also the 57th million yuan award in the history of domestic lottery, ranking 20th in the domestic 100 million yuan award ranking. Just when everyone guessed when the lucky people appeared, early the next morning, the prize winner, Mr. Li (Hua) took his two -color ball to win the lottery, and came to the Anhui Province Fucai Center alone to win the award.


Winning lottery

It is understood that Mr. Li has been in contact with the welfare lottery for more than ten years. Basically, two -color balls have been bought every time, and the investment will not be too much. “I buy lottery tickets more freely. I never studied the number trend. Generally, it is a single type of investment. It invested dozens of dollars in each period. It is also common for 5-10 yuan. Yuan. But never thought of such a big prize in the meeting. “Mr. Li said with a smile: Maybe it was his relaxed mentality, so he met him with good luck.

Speaking of winning the prize, Mr. Li said that on the night of the lottery, when he waited for the red light, he accidentally saw the license plate number of the front car, and he became interested and then pondered. “Because I usually choose the number at will, what numbers I see in my life, I will take it to buy a lottery, so I saw the first two car numbers on the previous day, I think it can be used to buy a lottery ticket. . After the number of numbers, there were 3 or 0 numbers, and 30 bets were made, so it was not very large. “Unexpectedly, it was a glance on the street, and it” gave birth to “this one 186 million yuan. High winning lottery ticket! Mr. Li said with emotion: “I have been buying the lottery for more than 10 years. It is really surprising that such a big prize today.”

In the process of handling the redeeming procedures, Mr. Li said that his life has not been ideal in recent years. He intends to use this bonus to make a detailed plan and make an investment plan. After receiving the prize, Mr. Li donated 10 million yuan to the Federation of Anhui Charity Association, presenting his love for public welfare.

Today, one year later, when looking back, the prize winner, Mr. Li, not only has extraordinary luck and keen observation, but also has a kind heart. You must know that even if it is a winner of 100 million yuan, it can donate 10 million yuan. It is just rare, and it is the generosity of the winner of the prize that makes us unforgettable! Now that the Qatar World Cup, there is not only the betting passion brought by the bloody event, but also the digital lottery will bring us different surprises. Maybe the next big prize winner is you!

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