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Two assists!Kane Sung Ying’s first person in 16 years 1 assists = Cristiano Ronaldo 17 games

England won 6 goals, but Kane did not score, but it must not say that Kane did not perform well.

In this game, Kane assisted Stelin and Rashford.

If Kane has been staying on the front line, England may not have so many goals. He contributed two assists in this game, and he could not get the services of other striker because he could not pass the ball to himself.

The dispatching line and contributed to the two good assists. How can Kane’s performance be considered “bad”?England does not seem to rely on Kane, but how can they get away from Kane?

The data shows that the number of assists in Kane’s 1 game is equivalent to the number of assists in 17 games in the World Cup.

In addition, Kane was the first player to send two assists in the World Cup competition in the World Cup in 2006. Beckham had two assists in the competition against Trinida and Dubago.

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  1. The editor is Manchester City fans [too happy]

  2. You are so unhappy like a certain Luo

  3. No Ronaldo, Sina Sports is estimated that it can’t be operated [Haha]

  4. Why does the police officer not stop this kind of intention and the keyboard man who deliberately attracted the battle for 5 cents

  5. The ball passing the goalkeeper was also a transfer of the main goalkeeper. What do you eat if you do n’t do this. What do Kuroko keyboard man eat?

  6. Haha, it ’s also the popularity of Ronaldo. The number of goals in the national team exceeds Cristiano Ronaldo. Xiaobian is really boring.

  7. can all traffic? [Laughing Cry]

  8. Hooking things, this can also be torn Ronaldo, which attracts netizens to talk to each other. Such a platform will always be three.

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    Thegoalofstruggleisclear202120212021 11月 22, 2022 at 2:36 上午

    My Luo has become a background board again [Laughing Cry]

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