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Turn around the cow to coax NBA basket lottery 6 red!The small cannon hit the Rocket Warriors in all directions



Ball Tong expert prediction basketball

On Sunday, in the Western semi-final Game3, under the rocket’s desperate situation, the overtime risk defeated the Warriors and pulled the score to 1-2. Many basket lottery experts on the ball -through platform hit this prediction. The three AI cannons predicted all red, turned the cow to coax the basket lottery 6 consecutive red, and Wang Yangming basket lottery was nearly 7. [View all authoritative ball pass experts]

The Warriors scored 3.5 points in front of the Rockets. In the end, with the hard work of the overtime, the Warriors won the Warriors with a 5 -point advantage. The intelligent forecast in this field is right to make the winning defeat, the fruit, and the size of the size, which is a complete spoiler! [More intelligent selection here]

Turning the cow coax has always been the most popular basketball god in the platform. During the playoffs, the expert also entered the playoff mode and won a wave of 6 consecutive reds, which is very powerful! [Turn around the cow to coax the basket lottery 6 consecutive red! ]

Wang Yangming’s foot baskets are eaten, and today’s basketball team continues to be popular, and the profitability of basketball continues to rank among the forefront! [Wang Yangming basket lottery near 7 of 6! ]

NBA season playoffs upgrade! How should I choose the basket color, so stay tuned for the unique analysis of the experts! [Click to view immediately] (

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