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Trump is expected to be a single year in a single year, 147, the first person or Bo O’Sullivan record

On December 10th, Beijing time, according to WST official website, with 3 shots of 3 shots in a single natural year, Jade Trumpu is expected to break the record of the maximum number of individuals in his career in his career.

At present, Ronnie Oshalin maintains the official 147 official record of 15 shots. Following closely, John Higgins (12 shots), Stephen Hendry (11 shots), and Stewart Binham(9 shots) and Jad Trump (8 shots).Among these people, 33 -year -old Trump is the only player who is less than 46 years old. Therefore, he has enough time to chase this record.

In fact, before the Antwerp Open at the end of 2013, Trump did not play 1 shot 147 in his first 8 tour season.It wasn’t until the Antwerp Open that he played 147’s first official record.In the following nine years, he played a total of 81 147, and in the same period, no player had played more than 6 shots.

In 2022, Trump became the second player who played 3 shots in one year (the Turkish Masters, Crown Crown and Scotland Open)-the first player to complete this feat is Sean in 2014-Murphy.Trump has the opportunity to set a new record of 4 shots of 147 in the 2022 England Open next week.

Looking forward to the future, if he can make an average of 1 shot 147 each year, then he will surpass the highest personal record of 15 shots of Ronnie O’Sullivan in 2030-of course, provided that the “rocket” will no longer increase his 147Number of rods.

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