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Travis Scott X AJ1 joint “Lightning inverted hook” new color matching exposure, will not be released?

As early as September, after Fujiwara X TS three parties co -branded AJ1, the old man deliberately put out another pair of color matching.

At that time, it was still sneak on the street.

Not to mention whether Travis Scott has a cool career now. At that time, most of the intelligence pointed to this pair of colors was that Fujiwara deliberately wore a rhythm, and the big chance would not be released.

However, under such nodes, there are still elders who have given up in advance. Let’s see a glimpse of a brake perspective.

Is there a flavor? So Travis Scott or Nike seems to have made a few pairs of people and give them away?

The pair of shoes on the feet is not the big brother, not the Putian big man, but the 3rd Olympic gold medalist basketball player. It is also the head coach of the Tokyo Olympics American team this year’s head coach Dawn Staley ~~

She can be said to be the old iron powder of Travis Scott. She just looked at her recently on her feet. Essence

Therefore, the position is not easy to match. Just look at it. It is a good chance that this pair of Travis Scott X AJ1 is also not released!


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