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Federer won the 20th Grand Slam championship

New Year’s Eve, Australia West Coast Perth, Federer played the Hopman Cup for the third consecutive year, thereby starting the 21st season of career. In the 2018 season, Federer won the 20th Grand Slam championship, ranking back to the world’s first throne, and the number of singles champions increased to 99. In the 2019 season, Federer is about to be 38 years old and will also work hard to the 21st Grand Slam and 100 singles championships. At such an age that could have played veterans, Federer is still a player with full competitiveness in the tour.

When will I get 100 career?

On December 26 last year, Federer and Mirka brought 4 children to Perth, Australia to prepare for the Hopman Cup.

In the 2018 season, Federer also started at the Hopman Cup. After joining the championship with Benciqi, Federer completed the defendant in Melbourne. Wonderful.”

In the past season, Federer won 4 championships on Australia, Rotterdam, Stuttgart and Basel. After Rotterdam won the championship, Federer’s ranking returned to the world’s number one; after Basel won the championship, Fei God’s career champion reached 99, which was only one step away from Baiyei.

Among the 99 singles championships, including 20 Grand Slam titles, 27 Masters Champions, 6 -year -end Finals Champions, 20 ATP500 Champions, and 26 ATP250 championships. After the Basel Open, Federer played the Paris Masters and London Finals in succession, but both stopped the semi -finals.

In the 2019 season, which station will Federer’s hundred crowns be realized?

From the schedule of Federer’s early this season, the first two months may only play the Australian Open. If the 100th crown comes from the Australian Open, it is undoubtedly the perfect ending for Federer. But from the current situation, it is a bit difficult.

No surprise, Fedeler’s Australian Open will be the two North American hard ground master competitions. This is one of his favorite events: 5 times in Indianvilis, and 3 championships in Miami. Among Federer’s 27 Masters trophy, the two -stop event of the 8th championship easily achieved Federer’s hundred -championship.

Of course, we do not rule out that Federer will temporarily adjust the schedule. After the Australian Open last year, Federer temporarily decided to participate in the low -level Rotterdam Open with a foreign card. At the same time, he returned to the world’s first throne at the same time after winning the championship.

For Federer, at the beginning of the season, it was also facing huge stress pressure. Throughout January, Federer had as many as 2,000 points to be guaranteed. In contrast, Nadal and Djokovic have only 360 points and 180 points, and the pressure on the score can be ignored. From the perspective of this week’s points, if you deduct the pressure on January, Federer’s ranking will drop to 6th.

Wimbledon won the 21st Grand Slam?

Last week, Xinhua News Agency evaluated the top ten international sports news in 2018, and Federer won the 20th Grand Slam selection.

Will Fedeler get his 21st Grand Slam after starting two weeks?

In the 2018 season, Federer started the good state of the previous season and was defending in Melbourne. For a 37 -year -old, it is not easy to complete defending. A year later, Federer was one year old, and Djokovic returned strongly. The defending of the Swiss was much more difficult. Before the start of the new season, Australia has officially made several short players. In the short film, Federer talked about the current state of mind. “At my age, I didn’t care about losing win, but at the end of my career, looking at things with a easier attitude.”

In Melbourne, Federer, Djokovic, and Legendary Omeson maintained 6 historical records of the championship at the same time. After this season, one of Federer and Djokovic is likely to take the top spot in the winning of the Australian Open. Of course, Serbians now seem to be greater.

In many people’s eyes, Federer’s 21st Grand Slam is likely to come from Wimbledon, which is the most important Grand Slam about the Swiss. Compared to the other three Grand Slam, Federer’s self -confidence on the grass field is stronger. “I must have won the Grand Slam again. Obviously his favorite game is on Wimbledon, so the 21st Grand Slam is likely to occur there.” Said the supernova of the tour.

Last year, in the quarterfinals of Wimbledon, Federer was rarely reversed by South Africans Anderson in the two markets, and missed the opportunity to compete for Wimbledon’s ninth championship. The same mistake, I believe Federer will not come again.

Just after this offseason, Federer has been training in Dubai. “I spent a pleasant holiday and relaxed with my family.” Federer said that there was enough time to adjust my body. “In the last 3 to 4 weeks, I was working hard to train and was full of motivation for the new season.”

Return to the Red Earth Stadium in the new season?

According to UAE media reports, Federer disclosed to local sparring during training last month that this season is expected to return to the Red Turkey season. According to local media reports, Federer plans to participate in the Barcelona Open and the Roman Masters to warm up. However, in the end, whether it can return to the red earth season after 3 years, it is also necessary to see Federer’s performance in the North American Two Masters.

Federer’s last appeared in the Red Earth competition or the 2016 Roman Masters. The Swiss trapped in the third round was lost to Tim. After that, he never played a red earth game again.

In the past two seasons, every time in the North American Hard Lart, Federer will skip the red earth season, rest, and prepare for the more grassland season. The reason why the red earth season was “deleted” in the schedule, on the one hand, from the age and physical condition of Federer, on the other hand, the Swiss was also afraid of Nadal’s red soil rule. But the 2019 season, Federer’s schedule may change.

This season, Federer’s annual schedule will still be around the four Grand Slam. Before the Australian Open, Federer will only participate in the Hopman Cup one -stop show, which is his arrangement in the past three seasons. Then, throughout February, Federer was likely to be empty and did not participate in any competition. Beginning in March, Federer will participate in the two Masters of Indianovir and Miami according to the plan, which is his blessing.

Judging from the current “uncertain” news, Federer’s red earth match is the ATP500 Barcelona Open, ATP1000 Rome Masters and French Open. The level of the three stops is from low to high, and the schedule is also relatively loose, and there will be no continuous battle. However, considering problems such as age, physical fitness, and even injuries, it is still a big question for Federer’s participation in the red earth season.

Of course, we have to face another reality: Federer intends to play in the Red Turkey season, and it seems to be passing another signal to the outside world. It is not allowed to say goodbye to fans.

Federer’s 2019 season conjecture

● At the end of last year to January 5th Hopman Cup

● On January 14-27

● March 7th to 17th

● March 20th-31st Miami Masters

● April 22-28 Barcelona Open

● From May 12th to 19th

● May 26th-June 9th French Open

● From June 17th to 23rd

● July 1-14

● August 11th to 18th

● August 26-September 8th

● October 6th to 13th Shanghai Masters

● October 21st to 27th Basel Open

● From October 28th to November 3rd

● November 10th to 17th London Finals

Article/Beijing News reporter Sun Haiguang

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