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Top Ten Characters of Golf 2 Sherle Smith and Monanham on the list

On January 2, Beijing time, “Golf Digest” in the United States selected 2022 NEWSMAKER, of which the sixth to tenth is::

It is necessary to say that the 52-year-old Jei Monanham’s work this year is complicated to all his predecessors, such as sadness when Tim Finchm in 2009 responded to the economic crisis.He must make a difference, at the same time, he must be properly held.

At the end of the year, did the president of the US Tour be in place to curb the LIV golf?Is he too hard?Obviously, in the era of binary, Jie Monanham did this year. The key depends on where you are on the judgment.

At the beginning, Jei Monanham seemed to resolve the crisis brought by LIV golf.During the player championship, he announced that he had come out of this matter, and he had to focus on his own affairs.However, the threat of this LIV golf was not over.If the beginning of Dustin Johnson, Byson-Dechando, Brooks-Copper Card can tolerate, Cameron Smith rebelled after the tour of the tournament, because he was obviously not a careerPlayers who walk to the end.

How to ensure that young top players staying in the US tour have become an important subject.Jei Monanham took the lead in conducting a substantial reform.However, it is clear that this reform is more inclined to top players, and there are many problems left.How to appease sponsor, competition director, and players at the bottom, it can be said that in the next year, Jey Monanham’s work task is very arduous.

When golf fans gradually lost their patience, I felt that Scott Sherry was not hard enough to win in the US tour, and this year he let us see the other side.At the beginning of the year, he became the hottest name.In February, he won the first US tour in the WM Phoenix Open.The wonderful place in this event was that he lags 9 shots when he entered the weekend, and he played 62-67, eventually played with Patrick Cantali, and won the third one in the third hole.Soon after, he defeated a lot of good players in the garage of Wanqiu to win Anno Parmer’s Invitational Tournament.

Scottic-Shevler quickly proves that he is very hard, especially in the World Championships-Dell Technology World Combine.Unlike the raz, he must defeat all his opponents he face.In the end, the Texas people reached a new height in the American Masters.Although he swallowed the double cypress in 72 caves and destroyed the perfection of the week, he still became the Grand Slam champion.

How good is the sprint in 2022?Within 42 days after the first victory, he appeared in the world’s first place.In comparison, Tiger Woods used 252 days from 1996 to 1997.Scott Sherle has been insisted on October, and the world’s first title was taken away by McLour, but even if McLuy also acknowledged that Scott Sherler was the best player of the year in the United States Tour.

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