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TMZ: Booker and his girlfriend Jenna Peace will continue to contact

On November 22, Beijing time, according to TMZ, Sun star Devon Booker has broken up with his girlfriend KFC Jenna.

Booker and Jenna have been in love for nearly two years. There are rumors this summer saying that the two sides have broken up, but the two have appeared to break the rumors again after the two.

According to TMZ, because of the busy schedule, the two sides finally decided to break up their own careers, and the two will continue to contact.

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  1. “Eat enough”

  2. Card, the family culture is strong, the so -called lady is a lady!Give Lao Tzu, pull the Italian cannon over, [too happy] [too happy] [too happy]

  3. I come to see the comments

  4. Trequently communicate after breaking up, and understand all!

  5. Reply
    Coldwaterflowsintotears 11月 22, 2022 at 2:29 上午

    Woman -like women are the same as those who are sitting on the stage.

  6. can go to the flowing chicken [Doge]

  7. Reasonable and legal chaos

  8. The Sun Championship, because there is a saying, leave Kardashian, Booker looks like Jordan

  9. Compared with a few sisters in the family, she is conservative

  10. Jenna has changed a few boyfriends?Can you try something new? There is no need to break up with Ju Shaoli?

  11. Continue to keep in touch reminds me of the woman in Zhangjiajie

  12. Two years, it is time to change the taste

  13. The target at the conversion can work together to work in Japan.

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