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Tianjin Media: The embarrassment of high -tech to cover up reality with high -tech

Manuscript Source: Tianjin Daily

(Reporter Gu Ying) Tonight, the 2021 Chinese Super League opened in the Guangzhou Division. The Guangzhou team and Guangzhou City team will stage a “Yangcheng Derby” after the opening ceremony. Will appear. Comprehensive multiple factors, you can judge that 2021 is the “major adjustment year” of the Chinese Football Professional League. “Happiness” is also aimed at allowing football practitioners and fans to view the original intention of facing football and professional leagues. The pursuit of happiness is ushered in the new season with a better state.

The publication poster release, the pre -match press conference one after another, and adapting to the venue training. Yesterday’s Guangzhou Division was very busy. Such busy was not completed for 5 days in a row until the first round of the Suzhou Division was completed on the 23rd. The new season of “Super Super”. It is understood that the opening ceremony of the Tianhe Stadium tonight has been arranged for a total of 20 minutes of content, including the 2 -minute promotional video “Wake -up Memory”, the 6 -minute performance “Thousands of Hearts · Happy Times”, and 5 minutes of “Vulcan come to. · Blind the scene “, 2 minutes of” oath, speech and announcement of the opening “and 2 minutes of” Sky City · Burning Mobile Guangzhou “.

Since the 2015 season, the opening ceremony of the China Super League has a league championship trophy “Vulcan Cup”. The representative of the Super League champion team last season will symbolize the “Vulcan Cup” of the highest honor of the league. Give the league organizer and start the new season. Because the 2020 Chinese Super League champion Jiangsu Suning team withdrew, it is difficult to handle in a usual way, so at the opening ceremony of the Chinese Super League this season, the organizer will use the world’s first manned autonomous driving smart aircraft to transport ” The Vulcan Cup “flew into the Tianhe Stadium, and the staff in the cabin took the” Vulcan Cup “out of the cabin. This was also a high -tech highlight to cover up the embarrassment of reality.

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