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thrilling!A man staged a cliff diving action comparable to Hollywood blockbuster

男子从80英尺(约合24.38米)高的悬崖纵身跳入Lac d‘Esparron湖

The man jumped into LAC D ‘Esparron Lake from 80 feet (about 24.38 meters) high

Recently, in France, a man named Richard Permin jumped into LAC D ‘Esparron from 80 feet (about 24.38 meters). The thrilling action was comparable to Hollywood action movies.

The video shows that Richard Permin first jogged on the forest trail and was near the cliff, and then jumped into LAC D ‘Esparron under 80 feet (about 24.38 meters).Richard’s friend Nicolas Gaillard recorded this thrilling moment. During the whole process, he drove drones to follow Richard.

According to reports, Richard has been a professional skiers since 2003.Because he often performs acrobatics in free skiing, he is known as “a symbol of a new generation of ski players”.Richard once collaborated with Red Bull and performed free skiing of the roof at the French Avoriaz 1800 ski resort.In January 2016, Richard broke his heels from the roof, and after several months of treatment, he was recovered.

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