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Three Town coach Pedro: honor becomes part of Wuhan’s new history of football

Reporter Lumi reported that Wuhan Three Town has won the third -level league championship in the past three years. Spanish coach Pedro is the hero. He won the two championships in China and the Super League.

Pedro is not a very high -profile coach. His coach looks quite rational and pragmatic. He has condensed with players with strong personal abilities, forming a team.Give full play to its own advantages is the key to the three towns of Wuhan.

In the three towns of Wuhan, Pedro’s experience is rich. From the youth training director of the club, to the temporary coach, to the right, he leads the team to fight the Super League. He uses his serious work attitude to conquer everyone.Leading the team over one level, behind the three years without paying home.He acknowledged that leading the three towns to win the Super League championship was the most important thing in his coaching career, and it was also an important day in his life. He lamented that he was lucky and happy.

◆ “Football”: This season is finally over. What kind of experience is this for you?

Pedro: We have experienced a very long season and a very exciting season.The history of our club is not so long. It is a start -up club. As soon as we rose to the first year of the Super League, we kept fighting while maintaining humility and maintaining competitiveness.Of course, we have encountered many difficulties in the middle, including the trend of injuries, but our players always maintain a relatively high level of competition. Regardless of the main players or substitute players, they all work hard on the court.We won the honor of the Super League this season, which is an impressive season.

◆ This season, the Wuhan Three Town Team, which is promoted, is the earliest training. It starts earlier in all aspects. Are you determined to do some big things in this season?

We have prepared all aspects before the beginning of the season.As a club just rising, we completed the mission of the Chinese League at the end of December 2021. In January 2022, we started preparing for the new season of the Chinese Super League. Our goal at the beginning was just a foothold, one by one, one by one, one by one.Fight.Of course, I believe that each team has goals and dreams, and we are no exception.

We need to accumulate experience little by little in the game, and look back. After a game, we have experienced a lot of difficulty.Especially in the second stage, our points are ranked at the top of the list. Many teams are two hundred percent when facing us, so there are many competitions that we play very hard, but everyone still holds pressure on the pressure.EssenceOf course, at the beginning of the season, I want to see where we can last, this dream is there.

◆ Many domestic players in the team have champion experience. Do you feel the desire for grades on the day and night, can you feel the desire for the performance? What kind of football spiritual world do you think?

The Department of Furniture Music has enriched the lineup at the beginning of the season. Many players with Chinese Super League have joined. Their experience is helpful for promoting Malaysia Club.I believe that we can get this league championship, which is also an indelible experience for them.As a team that has just surpassed, it is necessary to overcome many difficulties to win the championship.I always emphasize that we are the protagonists on the court.The champion is kicked by his own feet and speaks with real strength. This is our player.

◆ The road to winning the championship in the three towns seems to be flat and stable, but it is actually full of many twists and turns. How do you look at the bottlenecks of some periods?

This season is definitely not easy, the road to pass is full of difficulties.A promoter team team strongly cited this year, how to fuse these players quickly and twist into a rope at the competitive level.Secondly, this season is also intermittent. The first stage is the competition system. The second stage is also intermittently restoring the main away away away. It is a challenge for all teams.In our first stage, at first, everyone may not know much about this club and this team, so when our opponents face us, we also have some mystery.But after the second stage, especially when we are at the top of the standings most of the time, then when we play against each other, we will study us more and find a way to block it.This requires our performance more capable and stronger in our hearts.

◆ When the team is in a temporary predicament, what is the most proud moment you see?

In fact, there are many.First of all, during the end of the first stage, we suddenly encountered relatively large difficulties. We don’t know when the second stage will start.The club was also discussing with foreign aids to see if it returned to its own country to rest.But in this way, you must face the isolation situation, and you are afraid that the player’s status will not be guaranteed.

Later, we had a major injury problem, and the main players were injured eight or nine interrupted injuries before and after.Fortunately, our substitute players, in the case of relatively few appearances, have maintained a very good competitive state, and are always preparing to work hard for the team to work hard.Including a Cangzhou competition, in a state of behind, even if the team is absent, we are always equalizing the score as much as possible.We also bite the position in the back game. Some of them won, and some of them failed to win. The players have always been my pride.The last three games are the most memorable this season.First, Dalian was played away. Because of the force majeure factors, many players in the team were sick. 14 players were absent from that game. Some of the players also played with illness.You can see that they are in a very desperate state, and it is still under the home of Dalian. Many objective factors have brought us a huge challenge, but we still won and the points have moved forward again.

In the second away away, we faced Chengdu Rongcheng. The situation is very similar. There are also players who are ill and cannot fight.The opponent is both powerful and tenacious, and the ball played very anxious. Although we lost in the end, I think our players’ performance is still remarkable.

In the end, in the face of the Zhejiang team, our player’s status was just two fierce guest battles. The body has not been recovered, and the mental pressure is huge.But even under this heavy pressure, the team members still went all out to win.Maybe we have a lot of highlights this season, but this goal with Zhejiang is one of the best games in our season.

◆ This team is a promotion horse. For the first time in the history of the team, the team has won the championship.As a head coach, is this the most strong ink for your own coaching career?

For me personally, this is of course a very strong stroke, which is a key part of my coaching.First of all, thanks to the club for giving me the opportunity to coach the team in that year.After arriving at the Super League platform, I also chose to continue to trust me so that I can lead the team to now. I generally feel that this is a hard -won result.Because behind us, there are many behind -the -scenes workers, various departments of the first team, including translation groups, team medical groups, etc. have made very difficult contributions. This part of memories are also very valuable to me.

◆ “Football”: This season, the three towns have left many, many unforgettable moments, such as a variety of victories, and many technical goals. For you, what is the most memorable?

Pedro: There are too many times this season that makes me impressive, including the first stage of the two very critical battles of Shanghai Harbor, and later we faced Beijing Guoan and won the main game.The Championship opponents Shandong Taishan team, as well as the Songshan Longmen team, which is very strong throughout the season.These competitions seem to be in the barrier, and now they all flash back in my mind like a film film.I am glad to see the team members who can effectively implement my tactical ideas and intentions on the court, complete the game well, and achieve good results at the same time. This is of course a very beautiful memory.

◆ Your Majesty has a lot of excellent players, and several foreign aid collaborations, including cooperation with domestic players, make people unforgettable, how can you achieve their characteristics to the extreme?

It is really difficult to make the entire team twist into a rope.Especially when we have a high goal, we have done a lot of work, allowing the team members to unite to forge ahead, so that they can play in one way.Throughout the season, the club gave us a lot of support at the management level.Because after the entire season, it is difficult to make all the players in the team reach a satisfactory state.After all, there are only 11 players who play, and some players may play less games, and each team will encounter this situation.Especially when you have so many outstanding players in your hands, it is even more difficult to make a choice.This is where I am very happy. All of our players can unite and complete so many competitions for a season.In the final season of the final season, our players faced such great pressure and so many difficulties, and we could uniformly implement everything according to the plan. I was really proud of them.

◆ Everyone has their own exceptions, such as Malkang’s single dry ability, Stanqiu’s positioning ball technology, Davidson’s foot technology, etc. Is there a moment, do you think you are the happiest coach of the Super League?

I saw that our club signed a contract with so many new players, including that there were so many good players in our hands, of course, it was a better thing.What I need to consider later is how to allow these players to maximize their respective advantages, including how their positions on the court are arranged. This is a key thing as a coach to do.It is also very difficult to let them compete in one way.

Malkang really has a lot of beautiful goals, and naturally he also won the honor of the league’s golden boots; Stanqiu has a lot of wonderful performance on the court. Davidson is also very hard and diligent. All players have given these foreign aid on the court a lotSupport, allowing them to glow in their own position.This is the result of our entire team collaboration. Not all teams can achieve our effect after they have some good players.In fact, at the beginning of the year, we did not say that we were going to win the Chinese Super League, but through the whole season, we explored forward, accumulated little by little, and gradually approached this goal.Our players work hard as possible on the court. The team behind us includes the coaching group, and through our work as much as possible, so that they can unite together and maximize their energy.

In this regard, I also give an example. Like Liu Dianzo, he lost the number of balls in this season. If we remember correctly, he should be the second less.At present, he is one of the best goalkeepers in China. He lost less and could not separate the efforts of these defensive players in front of him. Therefore, we can win this championship.As a coach, I naturally feel that they can be happy.

◆ This season, I have been handled with the Taishan team for some time. What psychological state do you have?

I am always in a relatively calm state.In the football circle or in the football industry, I have worked for so many years of work. I have developed a calm state and rational attitude towards the face.In a long league, a team may have a climax or a trough. This is a wave -like ups and downs.

Even the world’s top teams like Real Madrid and Barcelona, there will be, not only in the three towns of Wuhan in Wuhan.So I am relatively speaking, I can calmly deal with various states.As a coach, my most important job is to maintain a stable state of a team.No matter where we are and what kind of situation we are, the work behind the scenes will never be missing.After I lie on the bed every night, I am thinking that I can’t do more today. I think I can only be in such a state.

◆ In the middle and late season, the club really shouted the slogan of competing the championship. What is the meaning of your opinion?

Of course, it was very normal to announce that we would take the championship as our goal at that time.Because in the situation of the eight or nine rounds of the league, we were in that position at that time, and we will have a prediction of whether the goal in front of us can be achieved as a whole.Maybe only the Shandong team was closer to our points at that time, and other teams may have a little distance.

Of course, as our direct championship opponents, the Shandong team is the Super League championship last season. At the same time, they have more experience in the Super League, and there are many powerful and experienced players in the team.Of course, we want to go all out to fight. No matter what the opponent is, at that time, in the case of the remaining eight or nine rounds, we saw a potential possibility that we could touch the championship trophy.So why don’t we work hard at this time?From our club management, to the coaching team to players, since we have unified ideas and have common goals, then take a serious fight.

◆ When the championship is fierce, there is almost a little fault tolerance. What do you emphasize the most during that time?

At the last stage, I explained to the team members that the reality we faced later.All teams will come up with 200 %. After all, when facing a team in the first and long -term teams in the league, any team will have a strong excitement and enthusiasm.I think our players should first be prepared, and each of our opponents is extremely fierce.

◆ Three towns can achieve such results in this season. What power do you think can bring some of the Chinese football environment?

Revelation may not dare to say that we can do more positive guidance behind the scenes to help the team succeed and win the championship. It is very happy to have a part of the positive impact on Chinese football.We need to know that this furniture music department in Wuhan, our start is to rely on our youth training.Our investor Mr. Liu also supported the youth training at the beginning of the starting stage, and gradually we have our first team.

For our Chinese football, youth training is the basis of football. Only by doing youth training can make our Chinese football a bright future. This is critical.Now we also have a lot of good youth training seedlings. In the future, they may be able to represent the future development trends of Chinese football.I hope that the construction and development of youth training must persist. Only by laying the foundation during the youth training stage, will the development of Chinese football be better and better.

◆ “Football”: You led the team to win the championship of the Chinese and Chinese Super League to compete for the Super League championship and the championship of the Chinese A. What is the biggest gap between the two?

Pedro: It must be the difference in the quality of the league, including the player’s ability and the gap at the competitive level.Of course, the championships to win the two leagues are a difficult process. No trophy can easily get.

◆ From the perspective of coaching resumes, your previous experience is not very rich. What do you think can be achieved in the three towns?If you have to have a secret, you should mobilize the entire team to pay behind.First of all, we go all out to deal with each ball. Every time we train, everyone in the team is full of work.Of course, the most important thing is that our team members can believe and implement the established policy and complete the competition task.These are the two most critical secrets.

◆ This season, the team has played beautiful data, such as the team’s total score and the data on the rankings on each ranking is very good. You think the transcript you handed in to achieve your expected expectations you set your expected expectations.Yet?

In fact, it is beyond expectations, including we also see these data and our players’ performance.Of course, the fruit that can get such a victory depends on our players to show a very good competitive state, bringing good ideas to the court.

◆ We noticed that no matter whether it is the competition system or the opening of the main and away, the first sentence after each victory is to dedicate the victory to the fans.

The most important and most beautiful part of the football world is that fans can support us as always.This season is also for some objective reasons. Our fans cannot always support us to support us, but I can feel that they have always been with us.So after each game, I hope to dedicate the victory to them, and let the fans enjoy the fruit of victory and the wonderful game process with us.The same is true when I was in Spain. I hope that I can maintain a good relationship with the fans.Now we are a new club, and we need more fans to support us. This is a very important part of our team and club growth.

◆ You and your team members write the history of a team, and also write the history of a city football. How do you describe your mood?

The day of winning the championship can be said to be a very important day in my life. I am really very happy. I saw everyone with a smile on the scene and the joy from the heart to harvest our dedication for a season.I can be part of Wuhan Football History, or part of our new history of Wuhan football, this is my honor.

In the process, I also want to thank my family. I have n’t gone back to meet my family for two and a half years. They have been silently supporting my work.December 30 is the day of my mother’s accident. I think maybe something is helping me in the underworld.I can win the championship with the team on this day, and I bring this prize back to Spain, which is also a feedback to my family.So this is a very important day in my life.

◆ Now the season is over, what are you most want to do?

At present, I am still immersed in the joy of winning the championship. I also hope that I can return to my hometown as soon as possible, return to my own home, return to my loved ones, and share my story of this year, share our team this yearExperience, sharing the joy of victory.

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