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Three predictions of the 314 follow -up followers: Directly selected 5 yards and duplex reference

Arrangement 322313 Review: Award number 169, strange coupling ratio 2: 1, size ratio 2: 1, and value 16, type: group six.

[Hundred positions]: The last issue appeared: trumpet, odd numbers: 1. In the 7 consecutive seven consecutive prizes, the hundred numbers are: trumpet, odd numbers: 3; small, even Number, even number: 2; large, even number: 6; trumpet, odd number: 1; trumpet, odd number: 1, of which the large frequency is low, the odds are hot odd number.

【十位】:上期出现奖号:大号、偶数:6,分析前7期该位奖号发现,十位分别开出:大号、奇数:7;小号、奇数:1;小号、 Siber: 4; large, odd numbers: 5; large, even number: 8; trumpet, odd number: 3; large, even number: 6, there are fewer small numbers, and the odds are frequent. Tips, strange numbers.

[Person]: The number 9 appeared in the previous issue: odd numbers, large numbers, and statistics found that the last 7 issues were found that the ten numbers appeared: 2: even numbers, trumpets; 6: even numbers, large numbers; 1: odd number, trumpet; 7: Wonderful numbers, large numbers; 2: even numbers, trumpets; 2: even numbers, trumpets; 9: odd numbers, large numbers, among which the number is relatively strong, the trumpet trend is significantly hot, the individual only pay attention to the even number, the trumpet, the trumpet, the trumpet, the trumpet, the trumpet, the trumpet, Open.

References of direct selection in this issue: Qiqi, size.

[Harmony]: The previous period and the value were 16, 10 points, the attention and value of the attention of the current period, the prevention and value 8 appeared.

Following class arrangement 3rd No. 2022314 Recommendation:

Double bold reference: 0, 3, unique reference: 0

Reference on duty: 8

Direct selection 5 yards duplex reference: 04567-01359-05789

Group 66 yards reciprocating reference: 023589

Group selection single reference: 006 012 013 017 018 027 035 037 038 048 058 059 059

Single Number Reference: 530

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