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Three highlights of the Intellectual Movement Expo: High -tech elements run through the audience


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Article Source: Luzhou Evening News

The 2019 National Intellectual Movement Expo (hereinafter referred to as the “Smart Expo”) with the theme of “Yigu and modern, enjoying wisdom and interest” will open on November 9th. Many chess professional institutions from all over the world, intellectual sports product manufacturing enterprises, and intelligent technology companies will bring the latest technology and development results of the intellectual sports industry to participate in the exhibition.

On November 6, the reporter went to the scene in advance to see the highlights of the Smart Expo.

Highlight 1: High -tech elements run through the audience

Create a high -tech to create an intellectual sports scroll that depicts time and space. The design of the “immersive” exhibition hall brings a new experience, which is a highlight of this Smart Expo.

In the theme hall of “Heirlancers”, pictures, images, text, 3D photography and other elements show the city image of Luzhou’s “Go Hometown”; The intellectual movement achievements since the founding of the People’s Republic of China have been fully presented; the “5G+Smart Application Special Exhibition Area” in Luzhou Mobile allows people to feel a “most scientific sense” smart expo.

Highlight two: See “Chess Culture” to integrate ancient and modern times

In the intellectual movement since ancient times, chess has been in the position of the stars. At the Smart Expo, “Chess Culture” became one of the highlights.

“Tianyuan” is a Go terminology, and the Wisdom Expo, “Tianyuan Plaza” named after this, uses “Chess Culture” as the original point to divert many exciting content: in the “Intellectual Breakthrough Game Area”, introduce large interactive flight chess, intellectual maze, Rainbow tribe, floor piano, inflatable sticky music, giant handheld and other intellectual interactive experience games; in the “intellectual market collection”, the intellectual movement and cultural heritage, daily life, content covering contemporary cultural and creative products and traditional non -heritage skills Wait; in the “Featured Food Street”, the special cuisine at home and abroad, and 40 “delicious food in Luzhou” selection campaign will also participate.

When the Smart Expo met Luzhou, the birthplace of Go, it was a perfect spark. Combined with the theme hall of “chess” and “ritual”, the “preface hall”, “wisdom of Luzhou”, “Go to the hometown of Go”, “Luzhou Youli”, “Colorful Ancient City”, showed the “South Kong Confucius Holy Land, The city spirit of Luzhou is polite to show visitors from all over the country.

Board game display

Highlight three: all kinds of intellectual movements appear together

At the Smart Expo, all kinds of intellectual movements appeared together. Visitors can participate in person to experience the feeling of “brain hole”.

In the Multi -Intelligence Museum, visitors can experience various intellectual sports projects that have been popular from ancient times to today, such as Confucian locks, darts, smart golf, and board games. Experience area, Tello flight area, galaxy armor experience area, Orange Education technology magic experience area, experience the most cutting -edge and coolest new type of intellectual movement; Institute of intellectual sports competitions such as the Municipal Tournament, you can also participate in a number of intellectual sports professional summit forums such as health and intellectual life development forums, “intellectual changes life” innovation forum, and listen to experts and professional chess players to professional and authoritative intelligence sports majors and authority. view.

In addition, this Smart Expo has conducted diversified expansion, organizing the “Three Chess Invitational Tournaments of the National Intellectual Movement Expo”, short marathon, and artificial intelligence challenge.

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