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Three forecasts for Tanglong in the 309 issue: Reference for direct selection combinations

Arranged the 2022308 Phase number of 216, the peak ratio of 1: 2, the size ratio 1: 2, the value 9, and the span 5.

The 309th issue of the Sports Lottery Over 309th Phases: 524, 834, 884, 250, 595, 026, 773, 287, 308, 382, ​​225, 262, 743, 354, 272, 457. For details, please refer to the table below:

In the 3309th lottery schedule of over the years: 7 times appeared in the group three numbers, and the group six numbers appeared 10 times. The proportion of group three and group six numbers is flat.

In the 3309th draw of the three -year arrangement: the number ratio of the number is 22:29, the large performance is relatively cold. This issue is optimistic about the large -scale replenishment, and the size ratio is 2: 1.

The number of the number of the number is 21:30, and the odd number performed colder. It is expected that the odd number is supplemented in this issue.

Among the 309th draws in the past years, the three numbers with the most number of times in 0-9 numbers are: 2, 3, 5, and the number of these three numbers is expected to be issued. Reference numbers: 5.

The three numbers with the least number of times are: 1, 6, and 9. The three numbers are expected to appear at the same time in this issue, excluding numbers: 1.

Tanglong Sports Lottery Arrangement 3 No. 309 Number Reference:

Nirvana number: 1

Bald code reference: 5

Reference of direct selection: 35689*34579*24679

Six duplex reference: 235679, four -code duplex: 2356

A single bet number: 536

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