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Thompson plans to return at the end of the year: the state will not be the game until 100%



After being defeated by Anthony Pettis KO in March this year, the “Wonderful Boy” Stephen Thompson hopes to return to 100%of the body and state before considering the return.

The defeat in March was the first time Thompson was ended in KO in his career, and when he could remember everything, it was already in the hospital bed of the hospital that night. However, in the face of the camera, he was still smiling, because he hoped that he could actively face failed attitudes to set an example for his hundred apprentices in South Carolina.

“I am such a person. I have never been KO before this game, but as a professional player, I think if you keep playing, this situation will happen sooner or later. Although I can play in 10 games in 10 games. Winning 9 games in the game, but you never know what will happen to yourself. This is where the fighting movement is exciting. “

“I remember when I was lying in the hospital, my father lived on Facebook. I face everyone with a smile, because I have 600 children watching me at home. I want to make a good example for them. Let them know that whether it is losing or winning, you must keep confidence and continue. “

Thompson has been impressed by a good gentleman, and he never broke out with others. Now, the magic boy does not intend to change his image, because he thinks that respecting opponents in this sport is the most important.

“Many guys like to vomit water everywhere. I understand that they do this to make the game sell, but I don’t think this is their true self, and people will soon understand this. If I start to learn now They vomit water everywhere, and people only want to let me close their mouths, because it is not me at all. “

The former UFC mid -range champion challenger said he was not in a hurry to return to the octagonal cage, especially after the first KO in his career.

“It hasn’t been a long time since this game, so I want to take a good rest for a while. I am now 36 years old. Although I have not been hurt too much, I still need to treat this matter with caution. When I appeared in the octagonal cage next time, I hope I have recovered 100%. I know some guys, and they can’t wait to go back to prove myself after being KO, and the result is to be defeated again. I just want to confirm myself. It has been fully recovered, and I need some time to recover myself. After that, I will consider the next game. “

“At present, everything goes well, and I feel great. I performed another inspection a few weeks ago, and the results were good. Before taking the next step, I just wanted to ensure that I was completely healthy.”

In June, UFC will hold a fighting night event in Greenwell, Thompson’s hometown, but the magic boy forced himself to not return to the competition that night.

“I have been lobbying UFC to come to my hometown to hold the event, but unfortunately, I can’t play that night. I have told everyone that I will not appear on the list of the night, but I will definitely go to the scene at that time to go to the scene. , Celebrate with the players and boxing fans. “

“As for when I return, I don’t have a exact time now, but I hope that it will be September or October before the end of this year. I am willing to play in the Madison Garden Plaza in New York again. This year is far away. Without the end, I still have a lot of opportunities, so I hope I will appear in front of everyone at the end of the year. “(UFC China Da La)

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