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This season, the sun is missing the solar of 2 wins and 8 losses.

On January 6, Beijing time, who is the most critical star of the sun?With a 4 -game losing streak without Booker, the sun wins and 8 losses when Bucker was missing this season.Parkins bluntly said: Without Booker, the sun went straight to the Lotto area.

Without Booker, the sun seems to have changed the team, making people unknown.In the last 10 games, the sun was only 2 games and lost 8 games.When Booker was missing this season, the solar victory rate was only 22.2%; when Booker fought, the solar winning rate was 62.1%.

According to statistics, the Sun’s record in the past 15 games is 4 wins and 11 losses, and only 3 wins and 12 losses than the Hornets in the league.In the past 15 games, the 10th difference of the Sun’s offensive league and the second difference in the defense league.The solar record also slipped to 20 wins and 19 losses, ranking 8th in the Western District, and has been the same as the Warriors’ record.

Even Parkins said after the game: “German-Booker is best to come back soon, I mean as soon as possible! Without Booker’s sun, I feel that I went straight to the Lotto area.”

Without Booker’s sun, he went straight to the game.(魑))

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  1. The sun has been destined to end up to the Bucks since the final of the finals.

  2. Without Booker who left Jenna, the sun went straight to the playoff.

  3. The sun is not strong, and it is mainly depending on Booker. There is no relationship with Da Paulo [Haha] [Haha]

  4. Curry is embarrassing.A wave of victory.Hey, this is the gap too

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