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During the fishing process, the first fishing tackle that the fishermen contacted the fish were fish hooks. But many people ignore this problem. Today, I will talk to you about some issues that everyone often ignores.

1. Hook is too large or too small

The direct impact of too large hooks is the difficulty of fish swallowing bait. Even if the fish barely swallowed the entrance, due to the foreign body sensation produced in the fish mouth, some fish will quickly spit it out, and if the fish drifting signal at this time As a result, most of the results are empty rods. Even if you hook the fish, in many cases, you will tear the fish mouth to run the fish because the position of the fish mouth is extinguished. On the contrary, if the hook is too small, although it does not affect the fish swallowing bait, but due to the short hook tip of the hook, narrow hook door, and insufficient strength, it will also cause the hook to fail or open the door and run the fish.

2. Hook deformation or blunt

When fishing with a high density of catfish, the tip of the hook tip will cause hook tip to bend or bald due to repeated stingy fish, and the hook with poor quality will even appear outside the hook door. Do not hook the fish. Some fishermen will continue to use from a conservation perspective, and even take the method of recovering their recovery to the hook outside the hook door to replace it. This approach is not worth advocating. After a period of hook is used for a period of time, it must be checked in time. Once you find that the hook becomes blunt or deformed, it should be replaced immediately.

3. There is a problem with the hook

When the hook is tied, the sub -line should be above 6 laps on the hook handle. The tied hooks must let the sub -line be located on the inside of the hook handle (near the tip of the hook). The probability of running fish. It should be noted during use. Even if it is tied, there is no problem. After a period of time, the position of the sub -line may change due to repeated use.

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