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This fishing method seems to be old, but fishing is very useful, especially fishing yellow catfish and catfish

Although more and more people like fishing today, some traditional fishing methods have not been carried forward. Now when it comes to fishing, most fishing people are using Taiwan fishing method. In fact, in addition to the Taiwan fishing method, there are some traditional fishing methods for fishing. Nowadays, it is also autumn and winter, and it is also a season suitable for fishing big plates. It may be in this season. Many fishermen like to choose a long pole and short -line method to fish in some dense places. Because in such a place There are often large plates hidden. However, the dense water plants, the fishing environment is relatively complicated, and it is not suitable for the use of Taiwanese fishing methods for fishing, but the long -term and short -term methods are extremely suitable.

However, our traditional fishing method is not only here. In addition to the long -term fishing method, there is also a fishing method to fish fish species such as yellow catfish and catfish, which has a very good effect. In some places, everyone calls this method a lazy fishing method. Choosing to fish in this way does not require our fishermen to stay there. After the rod is arranged, the next day can be collected.

After the beginning of the autumn, the fish are gradually becoming fat. Although the weather at this stage has begun to decline, some night fish species will still come out for food. Therefore, we use this method to fish, often we can have very good fishing fishing. Win. Before starting fishing, we need to prepare some fresh pork liver, cut them into thin strips, and then hang them on the fish hook.

The lazy fishing method is generally used as a fishing rod, and then the cotton line is used as the fishing line. Of course, you can also use the usual fishing line, follow the fish hook and hang the bait. Before the night comes, it will be prepared. The pole is well -arranged, and it can be placed with a pole of 3 to 5 meters. When the night comes, the common yellow catfish, catfish, black fish, turtle and other meat fish species will come out for food. When they find that pig liver will swallow it, the fish hooks hidden in the pig liver at this time will be They will stab them. Our fishingrs usually collect rods in the morning the next day. As long as they have these fishing resources in the fishing waters, they can often gain something.

This method is mainly fishing for meat fish species, and the scope of fishing is valid. The more fishing rods are arranged, the better. Others take away. Now it is the early autumn season, all kinds of fish are getting fatter. If you have time and energy, you may wish to try it. Perhaps for fishermen who grew up in the countryside since childhood, this way of fishing is no longer familiar, because when we were young, we often used this method to fish.

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