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Things are serious!Lian Xiao returned to station B live Captain Captain super Kejie+Battle Eagle

On December 28, 2022, the War Eagle sent Weibo to commemorate the live broadcast of the thousand ships, and Sina chess and cards analyzed the meaning of the thousands of ships.Unexpectedly, after a few days, Lian Xiao returned to the live broadcast of station B, and became a brother of station B with 2600 ships.


The number of captains in Lianxiao Live (upper right corner above), as of press time, has exceeded 2700

Chess player warfare to commemorate the great success

The number of captains in the first battle of the live broadcast is super Kee Jie

On the evening of December 30, 2022, Lian Xiao, who had not been broadcast on station B for more than 9 months, was re -launched. As soon as I came up, there were some handsome hands and to re -adapt to the system to eliminate the problem of microphone.Lian Xiao lamented that the live broadcast was pulled back by Ke Jie.

Lian Xiao first exaggerated Ke Jie’s restaurant and had eaten it four times. Many dishes were recommended, especially the wild big yellow croaker was praised. When praised, Ke Jie was a little bit out. When I went for the first time, I went.Also pay.

For a sister of the Go station B, a joke commented that for the first time, I played chess with the war eagle and found that her overall situation was particularly good. She fully appreciated the abandoned son. Basically, everything was given.The barrage made a “low emotional quotient” version of Lian Xiao’s words, and Lianxiao refers to the death of the war eagle.

During the live broadcast, Lian Xiao ordered a little, and the captain laughed at the meeting. He was ready to take Ke Jie’s captain (at this time Ke Jie about 600 ships).

“Things are a bit serious” for the second time

After a lapse of 2 days, on the first day of 2023, Lian Xiao started the live broadcast. As soon as he came up, he answered the superchat of netizens and reviewed a few popular videos.


Captain is swarming

Earlier, Lian Xiao had a fight with Ke Jie, and Ke Jie asked the third son and the war eagle to get off. During the period, the three of them performed like a cross talk, the effect was burst, and Lian Xiao kept giving the war eagle actions. Ke Jie followed the voice.The two top nine sections were dizzy and dizzy, and the three sons had gone for a while. The eagle sauce “scolded” the two snake rat nests and went to the flickering ditch.

Lian Xiao turned out the video of Lianmai, looking back in his live broadcast room, but did not expect that things gradually became serious.

In order to improve the popularity, Lian Xiao promised to mail the captain to mail the signed fan. Lian Mai reviewed the atmosphere of the live broadcast room, and the number of captains skyrocketed.Obviously, Lian Xiao seriously underestimated his popularity. Sometimes he looked at the funny pictures in the review and smiled happily. Sometimes he watched the captain’s subsequent fan problem and worried about his expression.

When the number of captains reached about 2600, Lianxiao Guang was broadcast, which was half an hour less than the live broadcast of the day before.

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