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Thick eyebrows 44+10 James quasi -three double letters empty and 40 points Lakers are in dangerous

On December 3, Beijing time, Milwauki Bucks faced the Los Angeles Lakers at home. In this game, Chris Midelton returned from injury. After the four fierce competitions, the Lakers finally defeated their opponents with 133 to 129.

The Lakers Anthony Davis 44 points, 10 rebounds, 4 assists, LeBron James 28 points, 11 assists and 8 rebounds, Westbrook 15 points, 11 assists and 7 rebounds.

Alphabet brother 40 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists, Midelton 17 points and 7 assists, Hollerdi 28 points and 9 assists 6 rebounds

After the two sides started, the Lakers rely on stubborn defense to limit the performance of the letters.The offensive Lakers used the slow disadvantage of Lopez’s defensive movement and continued to projected in the middle and long distances. In the first half, the Lakers led as much as 14 points.After the Welse bench came to the field, he joined the team’s offense, and he sent 8 assists in just half a game.

However, after the start of the second half, Hollyd began to break out and led the team to fight back continuously.The letter brother also retrieved the feel, and he succeeded in a continuous mid -range jump.In the critical moment, Ronini Walker scored 8 points in a row to re-control the initiative on the field for the Lakers.The two sides lead the leader in the third quarter.

After the thick eyebrows were covered with letters, the Lakers countered Walker received a pass from James and took off the ax to split.

Entering the final battle, James broke through the cover of the letters, and the key two points of the thick eyebrows were the Lakers renewed.The Bucks then equalized the score many times, but the steady free throw of the eyebrows at the critical moment still helped the Lakers win the difficult victory.

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  1. Do n’t you have to look at it when you are black?Others play well and win. At this time, they have to come to the eggs and pick their bones and hard black. They can only seem to lose their grades. Is it?

  2. You will follow the bench of Wei Shao. Who will find that Kevin Lefu is also a proper substitute!IntersectionIntersectionIntersection

  3. The bench is the ultimate prestige.

  4. Performance fans

  5. The brain is sick

  6. Pick up things

  7. A team, three and two, and the three of them have no mistakes. It is really rare

  8. To him, want to be the first person, first learn self -discipline

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    FanFanMixedinDongcheng 12月 4, 2022 at 3:00 上午

    [like] [like] [like] [like] [like] [like]

  10. He hit a better hit rate, and there will be no critical momentsIt ’s early to get off work

  11. This is the Lakers team we want to see ~ Later, the defense is also promoted. It is possible to create a miracle

  12. The Lakers slowly played better and better.The defense is also okay. There are only a few mistakes that make the mistakes, otherwise the results of the game must be the Bucks.

  13. This is really superb, West Shao and James actually made 0 mistakes. These two assists are not as good as usual.This is still under the premise that both of them contribute 11 assists.In addition, the thick eyebrows got 27 times of shot, and the thick eyebrows usually got 20 times.

  14. All deer?This victory shows that as long as the eyebrows are kept healthy, the Lakers are still a bit hopeful this season [squeeze eye] [squeeze eye]

  15. This is the best game in the past three years of the Lakers

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