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Thick eyebrows 30+18 lead the team to break the Spurs 7 people scored 3 consecutive victories in Shuanghu people

On November 21, Beijing time, the Los Angeles Lakers faced the San Antonio Spurs at home. The Lakers at the beginning of the battle started a high -quality offense and laid a huge advantage in one fell swoop. In the end, they won the opponent of 123 to 92 and achieved three consecutive victories.

In this game, Anthony Davis 30 points 18 rebounds, Russell Westbrook 10 points and 10 assists, River 21 points, Walker 14 points

In terms of the Spurs, Johnson 12 points, 3 rebounds, Sohan 12 points, 6 rebounds and 3 steals, Vessel 17 points and 4 rebounds

After the start, the Lakers attached to the inside line. He ruled the entire paint area alone and quickly pulled the difference to double digits. With the progress of the game, the Spurs gradually lost their offensive rhythm, and the defensive end was also leaking one after another, giving Wei Shao a lot of opportunities to drive teammates. At the end of the halftime, the Spurs lag behind with 48 points 66.

In the second half, the Lakers restricted the Spurs for six minutes and did not score a goal. However, after the thick eyebrows ended, the Spurs instantly played a wave of 10-0 attack waves, and the Lakers adjusted quickly. In the three quarters, the Lakers led the score of 95 to 67.

In the last twelve minutes, the game basically lost suspense, and the two sides successively put on pure substitutes to start training. In the end, the Lakers won their opponents at home and won the first three consecutive victories this season.

Both sides start:

Lakers: Davis, River, Walker, Beverly, Brown

Spurs: Vessel, Sohan, Jones, Jion, Johnson

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  1. He just explained the facts, but instead what you said, as if he had dripped your daughter -in -law

  2. James compensates for a 20 -point score, and you do n’t have to carry a pot. Essence Just like what the Clippers were forgotten at that time [Haha]

  3. I was mad by the good performance of the no -stall Lakers, and finally came out to wash the rhubarb

  4. Liuya Bald star, countless times, this is a small scene

  5. also called Tai … Jian …

  6. Reply
    c用户用户用户胜 11月 22, 2022 at 3:09 上午

    to throw the enemy and hold the crown!

  7. This ending is very helpless, right?

  8. How neatly planned it

  9. Therefore, it is not how strong the Lakers are, but they have eaten the welfare of the schedule. There is only one way for their positive roads, that is, James and Weisha cut their salary, and replace other corner materials for strengthening.

  10. The thick eyebrows are so powerful! If there is a ball right, the MVP is definitely the first.

  11. Look at the quality of Zhan Mi. The quality of Zhan Mi is no wonder that everyone is uniformly, Zhan Mi is also planted

  12. The Lakers do not need it, but the other 29 teams of the league need James

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