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There is a huge unfair in the game?Ereira: The referee once spoken to abuse Paldes

Andre Ereira, the teammate of Paris Saint -Germain Leandero Paldes, said that in the Champions League to Manchester City, the referee Bjoyan Capes abused the Argentine midfielder.

Machus’s two goals made Manchester City enter the Champions League final for the first time, and Paris Saint-Germain failed to score the goal at the Etihad Stadium, and eventually was eliminated with a total score of 4-1.

In the last few minutes of the game, the anger of both sides broke out. Di Maria was even made off by the referee in the 69th minute of the game.

After the end of the whistle, Erela complained to RMC Sports: “The referee said to Leandro Preds,” roll it “, and if we say that, we will definitely be banned at least 4 games for at least 4 games. Contest.”

The former Manchester United midfielder and Marca Verati complained that Kupez did not act.

“He also told me a few times,” Go to your mother ‘. “The Italian foot added told RMC Sport.

“If I say‘ go to your mother ’, I will be banned for 10 games. Of course, I have said a lot to the referee, but I never say‘ go to your mother ’.”

After losing the UEFA Champions League trophy in the 2020-21 season, the French Ligue Giant’s pursuit of the first championship champion will have to wait for another year.

Paris Saint -Germain lost to Bayern Munich in the finals of last season. Since being taken over by Qatar Sports Investment Corporation in 2011, they have replaced five coach, but Maurisio Pochettino is now the latest in the club The coach who wants to lose in the competition.

“I think we are a team that performs better within 70 minutes. We tried all the offensive methods. When we attack, we brought them great trouble.”

“We can leave here on their heads. Of course, we are really sad, but it is not easy to enter the final.”

“We must not change our actions today. We play well and the offense is also good, but there are some places that need to be improved. But it is not easy to stand out in the semi -finals to enter the final.”

Verati added: “Of course we will be disappointed because we believe that we can advance. Before the red card appears, we have been in competition, and we have created a lot of opportunities in the competition. We play better than them. Unfortunately It is, we lost the goal when they tried to shoot for the first time. “

“We have been fighting until the last moment, and we have tried everything. This is how football. In the past four years, we have been together in the past two years, this is good. I am sorry, but we will try again until we die until we die until we die until we die until we die until we die until we die until we die until we die until we die until we die “,”

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