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There are 3 3 -character heads in the front area+rear area 09 12 Dalo Touncing 1 bet 10 million



On the evening of November 19th, Beijing time, the 22132th Sports Lotto Lotto Lottery.The current lottery number is: the front area 02 27 30 34 35, the back zone 09 12.

Only one bet was opened in this prize, and a single bet of 10 million yuan fell in Fujian.Data show that the first prize of the first prize of 10 million yuan in 1 bet 10 million yuan in Fujian came out from Xiamen.

The second prize was issued 78 bets, and the single bet was more than 210,000 yuan, of which 27 bets were selected, and the additional bonus was more than 168,000 yuan.The national sales volume in this issue was 303 million yuan, and the balance of the prize pool after the prize was 1.087 billion yuan.



Other game lottery lottery numbers that night is:

Latest 32309 Latest lottery number: 0 4 1

Arrange 5th 22309 Latest lottery number: 0 4 1 3 8

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