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The Zhejiang team passed by with the champion, but it was full of gains

Special reporter Xu Yi and Suzhou reported that this is the closest time of the Zhejiang team’s first Football Cup champion: Gu Bin’s goal in the first half helped the Zhejiang team lead, but Shandong Taishan scored two goals in the second half to complete the reversal. TheyWhile winning the FA Cup three consecutive championships, I also left endless regrets to the Zhejiang team.

When the whistle sounded at the end of the game, the players of the Zhejiang team fell to the ground.Coinciding with the 25th birthday of Greentown Football, the players hope to give the FA Cup champion to the club as a birthday gift. This is also the first national champion of the Zhejiang team.

Although there was no wish, the fans still gave thanks and blessings: “Thanks to the team this season to surprise us. Whether it is the league or the Football Association Cup, we have achieved the best results in team history, and we have seen hope.”Zhejiang Professional Football Club also thanked the parties for their support after the game:” The next 25th anniversary has just begun, and the Zhejiang team is ready. With glory, we also have some regrets.New dream. “

When the players of the Zhejiang team stood on the finals, each player seemed very excited. One by one was the first time in life for most Zhejiang team players.

In the FA Cup final, the Zhejiang team has created a new history. The best results on the Greentown Football on the Football Association Cup were the semi -finals, and the two Greentown was in the second league.

In 2002, the head coach of Zhejiang Greentown was Horton, and the British led the team to the Football Association Cup for the first time.In the two semi -finals, Zhejiang Greentown lost to the Liaoning team with a total score of 3 to 5.For the first time to enter the Football Association Cup, it became a very beautiful moment in the memory of many Zhejiang fans, not to mention the “classic foreign aid” such as Valencia and Tumu at the time.

Zhejiang Greentown once again reached the Football Cup four years later. They eliminated the Shenzhen team in the quarter -finals, and they encountered a strong Dalian Shide in the semi -finals.In the first round of home at home 1 to 3, the Zhejiang Greentown performed almost a miracle in the second round. They once led the opponent 4 to 2 away, but Dalian Shide scored a lore at the last moment, and eventually 6The total score of 5 was eliminated in Zhejiang Greentown.

The promoted Malaysia Zhejiang team won the third of the Chinese Super League this year. It was beyond the expectations of many people. It created the best results of team history in the league. Greentown football won the fourth place in the Super League in 2010 and participated in 2011.The AFC Champions League.The outstanding league results also allowed the Zhejiang team to take the FA Cup more calmly. The Zhejiang team played all the way to the finals.

In the second round of the Football Association Cup and the Dalian competition (directly kicked from the second round), the Zhejiang team sent the whole Chinese class to play, and many players who played many players in the league played.Faced with two Dalian people with two foreign aids, the Zhejiang team scored a goal in the 39th minute by Sun Zhengao. While exercising young players, he also got the opportunity to continue the FA Cup.

After the four -quarter -finals, after the successful Jinan Xingzhou, the Zhejiang team faced Shanghai Harbor in the semi -finals.Perhaps because of putting down the baggage, the Zhejiang team faced the Shanghai Harbor, which had to win the championship, not only did not fall down, but created a lot of opportunities.After the two sides played 0-0 within 90 minutes, the Zhejiang team eliminated the opponent 5 to 3 through a penalty shootout. Finally, Mu Xiekui’s spoon penalty ended in Shanghai Harbor to see how relaxed the team’s mentality was.

Zhejiang team captain Frank told his teammates before the semi -finals with Shanghai Harbor: “The people in this circle include our opponents, and no one believes that our Zhejiang team can reach the finals. Because of this, we need to enjoy the game.The football itself is also in order to go to so many fans present. This is a time worth enjoying. That is, we do n’t need to have pressure, and the pressure is on the opponent. It is a problem they need to deal with. We do n’t need to consider this. “

Wu Shaoyu, deputy general general general of Zhejiang Professional Football Club, also said: “We can go to the end at the Football Association Cup because everyone’s mentality is very good and we can treat any game with usual hearts. And while pursuing our resultsPractice soldiers in the new season to allow more players to improve their strength through the game. “

The Zhejiang team’s easily allows the team to play its own level, and the attention of the FA Cup game is the biggest reason for winning the game.

In fact, after the league, Zhejiang FC considers the use of the Quanhua Class to play the Football Association Cup competition. Because according to the previous schedule, all the competitions will be over at the end of the year, and foreign aids can already return to China for vacation.However, after negotiating with foreign aid, the Zhejiang team decided to continue to use the Foreign Aid to the Football Association Cup. Jiao Fengbo, general manager of Zhejiang Professional Football Club, said: “Under the current environment of Chinese football, it is easy to give up the game, but once the game is abandoned, fans and fans and fans and fans and fans and fans and fans and fans and fans and fans and fans and fans andSociety will give up the attention of Chinese football. So in any case, we must go all out to face every game. No matter what the final result, we must use a good attitude to deal with the game and strive to win. “After deciding the game behind the FA Cup, although the quarter -finals with Xingzhou, Jinan, because the opponent did not have foreign aid, the Zhejiang team could not send foreign aid to play, but Mu Xiekui, Evolo and Lucas followed.The team went to Suzhou.During the team game, the three foreign aids watched the game on the stands to cheer for the Zhejiang team, and usually followed the team to train.

Frank had to return to Croatia because of something, and he returned to China at the fastest speed after handling the incident.At 7 am on the day of the semi -final game, Frank landed at Shanghai Pudong Airport by plane.At 10 am, Frank arrived at the hotel where the Zhejiang team stayed in Suzhou.Frank went to the gym at 11 o’clock. After a short break, he and the Zhejiang team set off at 2 pm to the team to prepare for the game.It is such a “horsepower”. Captain Frank still shows a good state in the game, and he can’t see physical fatigue at all.In the final penalty kick, Frank first played on behalf of the Zhejiang team and made a penalty penalty.

Frank attributed his rapid recovery to “willpower”: “Indeed, even I feel incredible, because I originally thought it would be difficult for my body recovery, but I think it may be a powerful willpower gangBusy. This game is very important for us. Everyone in our team has a strong desire to win and the desire for the cup trophy.Here, I do everything like everyone in the game. Finally, the victory arrived logically. “

At the FA Cup this season, all the players of the Zhejiang team came to the finals like Frank.

The excellent record of the Zhejiang team allows the Huzhou side to hope that the Zhejiang team can continue to put their home at home in Huzhou. The Zhejiang team will continue to fight the Chinese Super League next season. It is worth looking forward to the “second grade students” after returning to the Chinese Super League.

The Zhejiang team double -harvesting in the Football Association Cup and the league, Jiao Fengbo also mentioned the secret of his team’s success in his eyes: “First of all, stability, stability is a foundation for many teams to achieve good results; secondly, unity, everyone has a sense of goals.To work together for the goal. The third is the growth of the players; another thing is that the coaching team is working hard, has been transforming the team and making a lot of adjustments. “

After the Zhejiang team reached the FA Cup final, fans began to “grab tickets”.Xiaoshan fans Liu Min and Jiang Hang hurriedly grabbed the ball tickets in the Taishan fans in Shandong. After a long time, they bought it back to the Zhejiang Fan District: “It’s too excited, I am afraid that I will not be able to buy the opportunity to witness the Zhejiang team to win the championship.”

Fans from all over the Zhejiang have packed buses, and many fans drove to Suzhou by car or take a train to Suzhou. Zhejiang fans need to make Suzhou Olympic Sports Center into their own home.

Before the competition, the Green Soul Fan Association issued a message: “In the past 25 years, our team has experienced too much, has the courage to come out of the hair calves, facing the crisis of dissolution, the pressure from public opinion from the football circle, and the AFC Champions League.The glory of the first battle also had regrets that continued to surpass attempts. Of course, we are still living healthily now. This year, the team gave us surprise. Here we called: all new and old green souls and nearly 10,000 Zhejiang fans who go to the court invite everyone.Focus on the stands behind the goal, close to the battle area, and then close to the battle area, put on a green jersey, and then tie the scarf, let us make the same sound with the drum point: Zhejiang Team! Bless our team, happy birthday! Wishes blessings also blessings!We and the team can do your best! “

More than 10,000 fans came to Suzhou from all over the province of Zhejiang. In addition, the snowy road was slippery. The original two -hour drive had almost four hours.Zhejiang fans have gained a happy first half. Gu Bin’s break in the 36th minute allowed the Zhejiang team to lead the finals of the national competition.However, Shandong Taishan, which has the most championships in the FA Cup, is more familiar with the rhythm of the FA Cup final. They scored two goals in the second half to complete the reversal.Although the Zhejiang team lost the game, the experience of this final will undoubtedly increase the confidence of the players and make the Zhejiang team have more strong team accumulation.

After losing the FA Cup final, the Zhejiang team will continue to open a new future.The Zhejiang team is currently very fast. Although the season has just ended, there may be some variables in addition to the introduction of foreign aid. Most of the citations have been completed. Mu Xiekui is also very close to renewal.

In the third league, the FA Cup runner -up, the Zhejiang team’s next season is still available.

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  1. 23 years of three -tier operations, Zhejiang needs to be reinforced. Internal aid can try Zhang Wei, Xu Chen and Wang Qiuming of the Hebei team ~

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  3. Stick up their original intentions, keep working hard not to give up, and do not toss. Naturally, there will be fans support

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