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The Zhejiang team officially bid farewell to Matthews: It’s hard to say goodbye to Tao Zhen and good luck

On January 7, the official Weibo of the Zhejiang team released the poster to say goodbye to Matthews, and wrote the text: Farewell to the eternal old horse, it is difficult to say goodbye, only the treasure and good luck.

The 40 -year -old Matthews joined the Zhejiang team in July 2021 and helped the team successfully overcome.

This season, Matthews played 24 times on behalf of the Zhejiang team and contributed 5 goals and 3 assists.In the end of the Super League, Matthews scored goals. After the game, he said that he was lucky to get the last goal of his contract period.

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  1. Self -discipline can extend the sports life. At the age of 37, Matthews can still go from the backcourt to the frontcourt to score a goal, and it is fast.

  2. Go back to study, take a coach certificate, and have a chance to come to China in the future.

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