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The “zero audience” is unbearable!Football Cup invigorates the national fans

Source: Shangguan News Author: Chen Hua

The Chinese football field viewing will usher in the first comprehensive and normalization of history.

On January 4th and 5th, Yanjing Beer 2022 China Football Association Cup 1/4 final (fourth round) will start in Suzhou, and the competition is a double -round knockout match.The event organizing committee recently announced that the competition will sell tickets for audiences across the country and even the world. After three years by the epidemic prevention and control policy, the Chinese football field viewing will usher in the first comprehensive and normalization of history.

Obief the overall situation of epidemic prevention, the audience of the stands of the audience is clear for two years

From dynamic clearance to continuous optimization, the adjustment of epidemic prevention and control policies is also reflected in the stands of Chinese football fields.For two consecutive years, the Chinese football stadium has always been a zero audience, and the Chinese Super League once adopted a closed match.The China Football Association Cup is about the same situation.

In the finals of the Chinese Football Association Cup in 2021, the two teams in Shandong Taishan and Shanghai Harbor are competing for the championship.Originally, the relevant parties planned to open up the stand, but only faced the fans in Chengdu fans in the real name of the fans in Chengdu, and did not publicly sell the tickets for fans in other provinces and cities.For more than 24 hours, it is also recommended that fans complete the entire process vaccine.

Even though the plan is planned to implement such strict epidemic prevention measures, the relevant parties still decide that the 2021 season FA Cup final is still carried out.Even so, many hardcore fans in Taishan and Shanghai Harbor in Shandong still come to Chengdu.They couldn’t enter the court, and they shouted outside the court.Outsiders may not be able to understand, why not run another trip to the stadium?But maybe this is another kind of obsession of Chinese fans, “closer to you (team).”

In 2020, the Chinese Super League is often carried out in a fully closed state, and zero audiences are adopted for a long time.In 2021, the Super League was closed for more than 100 days, and China A was more than 200 days.There is a famous saying in the football circle: “Leaving the fans, nothing.” Some Chinese Super players also lamented: “No fans are cheering in the stands. When we play, we always feel that something is missing in our hearts.”

Promoting the main and away system, there are some restrictions on the on -site fans

In the 2022 season, China has worked hard to promote the public and resolutely implement the main and live system.Even so, the number of people in the stands and the source of fans are still limited.Only the local fans where the home team is located can go to the scene to watch the game. At the same time, it is necessary to have pre -favors such as 7 days without leaving the city and 2 nucleic acid negatives.

Recently, the official post of the Chinese Football Association thanked Dalian for its strong support for the 2022 Chinese Vocational League running.Thanks to the letter: “Dalian, as a well -known” Football City “, always has a sense of responsibility and mission of the football industry. Facing the national complex epidemic prevention and control situation and the overall football environment of the trough, they have given up in other cities in other cities.Under the circumstances of hosting the work, the Dalian Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government adhere to the overall situation of magnifying the pattern and actively serve the overall situation.”,”

In 2022, Dalian football stood up.The Chinese Football Association stated: “After the Chinese Super League resumed the main and away game system, the Dalian Division took the lead in realizing the ‘fans to return to the city'” fans ‘return to the field’, which effectively ignited the passion of the city and strongly awakened the people’s love and recovery of football.In the prominent example and leading role, the charm and value of ‘football city’! “

On August 6, the Chinese Super League, the Dalian people tied the Shanghai Harbor 1-1 at home. This is the first fans to enter the game to watch the game since the Chinese Super League resumed the main and away game system.This is also a lapse of 979 days, and fans have once again entered their true home viewing.A total of more than 15,000 Dalian fans entered the Puwan Stadium.On the home stand, many Dalian fans are dressed in uniform costumes and cheered rhythmically.In addition, the fans also showed the huge TIFO of “Xie Hui’s pressing” on the stands, and the popular atmosphere of the stadium was worthy of the reputation of Dalian Football City.

Even so, there are still many restrictions like the home of the Dalian people.For example, the total number of ticket sales does not exceed 50%. For example, personnel who have been diagnosed as confirmed cases, suspected cases or asymptomatic infection cases are prohibited from entering the venue within half a year.For example, guest team fans need to collectively go to the hotel designated by Dalian and stay in the home competition.In addition, all fans have to hold a 48 -hour kernel acid negative report.In the 2021 season, even if the Chinese Super League resumes the main and away system, the regions obey the overall situation of epidemic prevention and still take restrictions on the entry fans.

50 yuan a ball ticket, retrieve the original passion of football

On December 31, the Chinese Super League ended, and the rest was only the Chinese Football Association Cup.At the beginning of the Spring Festival, Yanjing Beer 2022 China Football Association Cup 1/4 final (fourth round) to the final will be launched in Suzhou from January 4 to January 15, 2023.The finals and finals are eliminated in a single round.

At 18:00 on December 31, 2022, tickets for the 1/4 finals were officially released.The biggest highlight of the China Football Association Cup invoicing is that with the optimization of the national prevention and control policy, there are basically no requirements for fans, vaccines, and nucleic acids. As long as you want to watch the ball, you can buy tickets online and watch it happy.EssenceIn terms of fares, the quarter -finals are divided into 50 yuan, 80 yuan and 160 yuan, which should be said to be very close to the people.According to the official ticket purchase and observation requirements of the Chinese Football Association Cup, any fan who goes to Suzhou to watch the game can be seen, should be seen, and the feeling of watching the ball suddenly returned to three years ago.In the relevant ticket purchase requirements, there are no any requirements for nucleic acids and regions. The only restrictions are: alcoholic personnel and unusual personnel shall not enter the venue, and those who have a body temperature of more than 37.3 ° C shall not enter the venue.

The Chinese Football Association Cup was founded in 1956. It is the oldest football game in China and the highest level of men’s football cups in the domestic men’s football.At present, Shanghai Harbor, Shanghai Shenhua, Shandong Taishan, Wuhan Three Town, Zhejiang Team, Cangzhou Lion, Chengdu Rongcheng and Jinan Xingzhou are promoted to the quarterfinals. Theoretically, Harbor and Shenhua are expected to be at the finals.

In addition, the Zhejiang team performed well this season and may also meet with the Shanghai Harbor team in the semi -finals.Holding the FA Cup in Suzhou, Shanghai fans can reach the field in only 30 minutes by train, and Hangzhou fans have only an hour on the way.No surprise, the crowd of the Chinese Football Association Cup in the past was “dynamically cleared” for two consecutive years, and this time will return to normal.The hardcore fans who truly love football are expected to achieve “watching” and enjoying it.

Hu Haohao, president of Shanghai Sirius Fan Council, said, “Our last time we watched the ball, or in the Suzhou Division in 2021, there were not many people. This year’s Football Association Cup, the on -site of the Fans basically let go, and our fans are very enthusiastic. Of course, fans want to hope.Always accompany the team around the team, and also look forward to the team’s achievements in the Football Association Cup. Of course, we look forward to returning to the Pudong Football Stadium next year. This is the real home. “

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