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The youth storm meets the old and strong!


Plishich War Bell

At 3 am on November 22, Beijing time, the 2022 Qatar World Cup Group B will usher in the second game in the first round. It was Wales, who returned to the World Cup stage after a lapse of 64 years. The two national teams had only two warm -up conversations. The United States was unbeaten in 1 win and 1 draw. Judging from the world ranking, the 16th place in the United States and the 19th place in Wales. In the same group as England and Iran, each competition is of great significance to qualifying. It is really evenly matched.

Although the United States has been extremely turbulent in this World Cup qualifiers. Fortunately, with the third place in Central and North America and the 3rd place in the Caribbean, the World Cup finals in the last session were the World Cup in the World Cup 8 years ago. The top 16, finally lost to Belgium in the 1/8 final. The United States participated in the World Cup three times in the last four times (2002, 2010, 2014), and has a lot of experience in group stage competition.


The United States will set off a youth storm

In the World Cup list in the United States, the 24 -year -old Plishch, McCane, 20 -year -old Reina, and 22 -year -old Dest. The core McCanie and Plishich, the play of the two will determine whether the United States can break through the group. Judging from the public statement of Plishich before the game, the US team will fight for points for each game, not just to make up. For the US team, coach Berhardt focuses on the youth storm that can look forward to the strong scene impact, but how will the European team’s performance be the biggest highlight.

Wales returned to the World Cup after a lapse of 64 years. The role of the star Bell’s siege and the role of the team leading the team is undoubted. Although 33 -year -old Bell has been lying flat in Real Madrid in the past 2 years, he returned to Wales to fight. The competitive status can return to blood immediately. Now Bell has played for the Los Angeles FC at the US Professional Federation. This year, the Finals of the US Professional Finals is Bell’s unbelievable ball to help Los Angeles FC enter the penalty kick and finally win the championship. Today Bell’s state is afraid.


Bell’s state is like the sky and the sky

Although the Tactical play of the Welsh team is slightly conservative and utilitarian, after all, the “European Red Dragon” only relies on the two major ace of Bell and Ramse in the frontcourt, and there is no more powerful fulcrum. The offensive efficiency of plug has become the decisive factor of how far the World Cup can go in Wales. In addition, the post-defense system composed of Ben Davis, Internal Medicine-Williams, and Joe Ronalon is also a key barrier to resist the continuous attack wave of the United States.


Ma Ning will be the fourth official in this field to enforce the law

It is also worth mentioning that the United States and Wales will have Chinese referees in law enforcement. Ma Ning will serve as the fourth official in this game. The referee and assistant referees are from Qatar. -Axim, the assistant referees are Talller-Al-Malid Macaleh, respectively.

From the perspective of the official opening coefficient of the competition, the United States won 2.48, the draw is 2.84, and Wales won 2.61. Among the score odds, the two sides have the lowest odds of 1-1, and the United States win 1-0 and Wales 1-0 win odds are 6.00 and 6.50, respectively. The 2-1 winning odds are 8.50, and Wales has a 2-1 winning odds of 8.75. It should be said that the United States with impact on the two branches of the two branches has a little advantage. All in all, in this Pilishic battle Bell, the total value of the two teams reached 436 million euros (about RMB 3.3 billion). (Lucky Star)

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