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The year of the tip of the time: Chang Hao Ying’s Cup win the women’s team to hold Zhengguanzhuang Cup

Chinese Go has not achieved good results in the past two years, and many chess fans are inevitable, but compared with the “Dark Period” two or thirty years ago, it has not reached the point of crisis.South Korean chess players ruled the world’s chess world in the first few years and 20th century. Whether all World Personal Contest or the Zhelu Cup and the Nongxin Cup Tournament, South Korea has almost won the championship.A few crowns are taken away, and it is extremely bleak.


Chang Hao Coronation Ying’s Cup Championship

In 2004, Chinese Go, which continued to move forward in adversity, had accumulated huge energy and was only time to take off.This year, the Chinese women’s team led by Rui Naiwei struggled to fight at the Zhengguanzhuang Cup Three Kingdoms Women’s Go Women’s Go.

It was almost 20 years later, and now Chinese Go from 2004 to 2005 is somewhat similar: it was suppressed by South Korea for more than ten years, and now it has been “begging” for almost three years.The Chinese women’s team won the championship; that year, the Chang Hao Yingshi Cup won the championship and pulled the second son of Korea. Then the Guli Kong Jie rose, and China and South Korea entered the confrontation period. Now Yang Ding Xin Dinghao turned the LG Cup into a civil war., Chinese Go has a tendency to record.


In 2005, China won the champion of Zhengguanzhuang Cup

The first half of 2005 was wonderful. In January, the 3rd Zhengguanzhuang Cup Three Kingdoms Women’s Go Competition entered the final stage. There were 3 people in the Chinese team.Sister Park Zhien wins Xu Ying and Zhang Xuan, and the game ushered in the decisive battle of Rui Naiwei Park Zhien’s Chinese and South Korean masters.The chess game stopped abruptly, and China won the championship.After the game, Rui Naiwei lamented the largest game of chess in life.


Chang Hao’s fourth game in Yingshi’s Cup final

On March 5th, Beijing Kunlun Hotel, the fifth game of the 5th Yingshi Cup Go Championship.The lecture room is located in Kunlun meals. Many chess fans have filled all places where the lecture room can sit in early. Nie Weiping explained the championship game on the spot.When you relax, you are nervous. Even if Chang Hao win, some of the bad places must educate him.


Nie Weiping Xu Ying explained

For the bureau room, Chang Hao won the news at 3 o’clock that the 3: 1 total crown Ying’s Cup champion, more than 100 reporters instantly squeezed the bureau’s room.After a short review and interview, Chang Hao came to the lecture room to meet with Master. In the face of chess fans and media, Chang Hao said that 16 years ago, Mr. Nie lost to Cao Mihuan in the first Yingshi Cup final.Master revenge.In the future, China and South Korea’s confrontation will be more intense. Our Chinese chess players need to work harder and use their results to repay everyone.

At the award ceremony, Ying Minghao, the president of Yingshi Group, said excitedly that at this moment, my father Ying Changqi and I waited for 16 years. I will burn the championship in front of my father’s grave to comfort the father of the father in heaven.

After Chang Hao, after the World Championship, he finally won the Yingshi Cup championship. The unyielding spirit of repeated defeats was also called “tough saint” by chess fans. Chinese Go has also got rid of the downturn for many years and ushered in a new era.

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  1. If there is no Ueno Ai Xiaomi to defeat Cui Jing, if the Chinese team meets Cui Jing, how many people can win Cui Jing?! Do n’t just look at the results, sometimes it ’s just luck.Rolling on the top, so you have to cultivate more powerful people!

  2. What do you mean?

  3. Now that Xiao Shen can suppress China, President Park and Xiaoyu have win and us, and the rest are not worried.But Go is one -on -one game, and the group advantage may not be able to persist to the end.I still hope that Chinese chess players will study more arts and have a few more “Xuangong Intelligence”.

  4. At that time, the momentum of Chinese Go was up.Now I feel that there is a problem everywhere, and the momentum is downward.[Tears]

  5. The stick is still very powerful

  6. Chang Hao is tough, and finally won the championship in the Yingshi Cup. Such attachment will definitely have a place in the history of Chinese Go.

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    Streetstreetsandstreetsonthestreet 1月 11, 2023 at 2:30 上午

    Chess Academy and Chess Association layman leaders can feel it!

  8. At that time, even if the skills were not as good as anyone, at least everyone was relieved and always wanted to defeat.It is almost brave.Now they are lying flat, and there is no courage to.

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