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The World Cup started the star royal hairstyle also came to Qatar

This World Cup is not only the gathering of top players, but also a gathering of top hair stylists.

Although Pogba did not come to Qatar with the French team, his royal hairstyle Alzanov came to the World Cup.

Alsanavi is not only the hairstyle of the French superstar Pogba, but he has also made hairstyles for superstars such as Azar, Mbappe, Gralsh.The 32 -year -old hairdresser has been engaged in the player’s chemical distribution industry for 10 years. Since he was invited by Chelsea central defender Terri in 2013 and became the official Chelsea hairstyle at the time of Chelsea central defenders at the time, Alzanavi was constantly being starred in the star.Invitation of players.

Alsanavi also mentioned an interesting thing: “I must do something crazy about Azar, maybe I will dye his hair. He promises me, if the team enters the top 4, it will allow me to let me let me make meDo something. “

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  1. Can Pogba compete

  2. Is this a turkey? Before I came in, I felt that there was a matter of Pogba. I thought it was too much

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