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The World Cup reminds: The Argentine World Cup is tied to the Netherlands 2 times




1. Player: striker Garcopy has scored 3 goals in the 4 World Cup games so far, and his personal state is good;

2. Tactics: Derong, Clason and Garkbo are the manufacturing points for the team’s goals and assists;

3. Status: The last knockout match defeated the US team 3-1. During the period, Dunfris contributed 1 goal and 2 assists. The overall competitive status was excellent;

4. Assist: 4 assists in 4 games in the World Cup, the third team for the number of assists;

5. Defense: only lost 2 goals in 4 games during the World Cup, and the defense performance was good;

6. Punishment: The World Cup has only eaten 4 yellow cards in 4 games so far, and the defense is clean and neat.


1. Fighting: The two World Cups were tied at 0-0 in history, and the confrontation did not account for much advantage;

2. Size: In the past 4 World Cup games, there are 3 total scores of less than 2 goals, and the kick is quite conservative.



1. Player: The core of the core Messi and Alvarez are the main scorer. The two contributed 5 to the goal;

2. Status: All the games of the World Cup have all won, and the team’s recent state is hot;

3. Data: In the past 10 games, there are 7 games that can win data. The team has excellent ability to win data;

4. Corner: The team’s nearly 4 World Cups of the World Cup brushed 5.8 corner data, and the corner kick has strong creative capabilities;

5. Probability: When Shengping’s negative customer victory data is near 2.20, the team’s actual probability of winning data is 60%;

6. Trend: The game with the same initial data in the past five times finally penetrated 4 times, and this data played well.


1. Tracks: Two World Cups in Argentina’s history have obtained a 0-0 draw in the face of the Netherlands, and they have not taken advantage of psychological;

2. Kick: In the past 4 World Cup games, only one total scoring has exceeded 2 goals. The team’s play style is too conservative.

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