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The World Cup reminder: Uruguay’s main defender Amoho is absent from the World Cup due to injuries




1. Power: 10 of the players recruited this year are from the five major leagues. The overall strength cannot be underestimated;

2. Ranking: The world’s ranking is 14th, ranking far higher than 28th in South Korea;

3. Fighting: History 4 times with South Korea to win three times, and the sessions of the confrontation are dominant;

4. Defense: In the past 9 games, there have been no goals of more than 1 goal in a single game in various games, and the defense has performed well;

5. Player: veteran Cavani has opened twice in the recent warm -up match, and the state is still hot;

6. Coach: Diego Alonso has become the head coach of the Uruguay National Team after retiring in 2021. He currently leads the team to achieve 7 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss.


1. Injury: The central defender Ronald Arajo, who is currently playing in Barcelona, ​​is absent from the World Cup in the end of the internal dopycare of the internal dopycare of the internal dopycareis. It is expected to return to the team on December 26.

South Korea


1. Status: The last 3 friendly matches have 2 wins and 1 draw, of which 2 consecutive victories are won, and the status is good;

2. History: This year is the 11th time the team participated in the World Cup. The best results are the Four of the 2002 Japan and South Korea World Cup;

3. Players: Sun Junhao, the China Super League team, Shandong Taishan Foreign Aid, and Shanghai Shenhua Foreign Aid Basego was selected as a big list respectively;

4. Coach: Portuguese Paul Bento has led the Portuguese national team for 4 years. Since 2018, it has become a South Korean coach. So far, he has achieved a team with 34 wins, 12 draws and 7 losses, and a winning rate of 64.15%.


1. Ranking: The latest issue of the world ranks 28th, not as good as Uruguay;

2. Attack: In the last two friendly matches, they scored 1 goal, and the firepower declined significantly;

3. Data: In the past 5 games, various events have lost 4 data, and the team’s recent winning data ability is low;

4. Injuries: Sun Xingzhang, the main spurs of the spurs who were selected into the big list before, became doubtful in this game.

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