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The World Cup reminder: The American competition has a rich experience in Wales, 1 draw and 4 losses in the last 5 games




1. Termination: The team’s worth of 2577.5 million euros, compared with Wales’s advantages;

2. Fortune: There are many stars who play in the five major leagues in the formation, many of which are even played in the giants, including Dest (AC Milan), Turner (Arsenal), McKenney (Juventus) , Reina (Dortmund) and Prilycic (Chelsea), etc.;

3. Average age: The average age of the United States is about 24 years old. It is one of the youngest teams in the Qatar World Cup. There is no doubt for the team’s vitality;

4. Competition experience: In addition to the last World Cup in Russia, the United States has rarely been absent from the World Competition in recent years, so the experience can be said to be very rich.


1. Recent conditions: The record of only 2 draws and 1 loss in the last 3 games, and the status does not seem ideal;

2. Data trend: The data record of the last 5 games is 1 and 4 lost, and the ability to win the data has declined significantly;

3. Goalkeeper: The main goalkeeper Turner has not had many opportunities in Arsenal, while Johnson and Hovet played at the relatively low level of US jobs and English crowns.



1. Stars: Although Bell and Lamser are no longer useful, it can be seen from the previous qualifiers that their role is still very huge;

2. Competition experience: Although I have been in the World Cup for many years, Wales has participated in the finals of the previous European Championships, so there will be no lack of experience in the competition;

3. Attack: In the last 10 games, there were only one of the opponents zero, and there were 11 goals scored in 9 occasions. The offensive end performance was quite stable.


1. The value: The total value of the team is only 72.58 million euros, compared with the obvious disadvantage of the United States;

2. Goalkeeper: Hennesi has a few opportunities to play in the Nottingham Forest this season. Whether its status can maintain the best is worrying;

3. Recent conditions: In the last 5 games, there are only 1 draw and 4 losses. The state does not seem ideal;

4. Data history: The last five events of the same initial data in the last five times finally achieved a record of 3 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss, and performed well under this data.

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