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The World Cup reminder: Morocco starts the game in the last five games before March




1. Defensive: The last 5 games have continuously closed the opponent to maintain zero -lost ball, and the defense stability is good;

2. Ranking: This year’s ranking rose from 30 to 22nd, the overall strength increased steadily;

3. Fortune: This big list recruited many players who played for the European League, such as Seville striker Errisi, Angus winger Paifell, Chelsea’s front waist, Qiehe, Bayern’s side guard Masla The names of Victoria, Paris Border Heacomy, etc. are all selected;

4. Talent: The players recruited this time have a total of more than 240 million euros, and the value of 17 places in all teams;


1. Coach: The team fired the meritorious coach Harry Hojech three months before the start of the World Cup. The overall tactical adaptability may be worse;

2. Experience: All players in Morocco have not participated in the World Cup event at present, and the experience is slightly insufficient;



1. Recent situation: After defeating Saudi Arabia in the warm -up match, various events played a wave of five consecutive victories, and the state was very good;

2. Trend: In the past six battles, all the data through the data won, and the real state was underestimated;

3. Age: The average age in this big list is 27.4 years old, with both experience and vitality;

4. Coach: The coach Daric led the team to play a record of 6 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss this year. The overall running -in can be described as better and better;

5. Lineup: This main lineup is basically the same as the previous World Cup. The core Modric, Perisic, Covasic, and Brozovic are all selected;

6. Experience: Croatia is a frequent visitor to the World Cup.


1. Fighting: The center position is slightly thin. The only famous is Kramarch from Hoffenheim, and the latter has a slight sign of decline this season;

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