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The World Cup reminder: Germany lost 9 goals in the last 6 games, Japan 20 people come from overseas league




1. Ranking: At present, the world ranks 11th, which is a lot higher than the Japanese team (24 positions), and the overall strength is preferred;

2. Experience: Historically won 8 championships, including 4 World Cup champions, full of experience;

3. Attack: In the past 10 games, there are 9 games that can get goals (19 goals). At present, the firepower is good;

4. Fighting: The two sides have played twice in the past, and the German team has achieved 1 win and 1 draw with unbeaten record, with psychological advantages;

5. Fortune: Although the participating list has missed players such as Royce, Hummels, Verna and other players, the veterans such as Neuer, Mueller, Gezze are still listed. Elected, the lineup strength is still guaranteed.


1. Status: Although it has only lost once in the past 10 games, the winning rate is only 40 %, and the winning capacity is not as good as before;

2. Player: German forward Vilner missed the World Cup due to injuries and had a great impact on the player’s offense. The preliminaries in the previous world helped score 5 sports games scores;

3. Defensive: In the previous 6 European league, there were goals (9 goals), and the quality of the back line was not good;

4. Trend: In the past 9 games, 6 games have not been able to run out of data, and the overall trend is poor;

5. Grouping: This World Cup was divided into group E. In addition to the Spanish team in the same group, there are also Japan and Costa Rica. The strength is not weak, and there is a certain pressure on the line.



1. Factory: In this World Cup list, as many as 20 people play for overseas league, including Arsenal’s main defender Fu’an Jianyang, Royal Society Chirotherapy British, Monaco Mena Nanyan Takuki and Frankfurt’s Kamoda land, etc. Overseas main force is all selected, the lineup strength is good;

2. Experience: As a first -class and powerful Asian, almost every World Cup can participate in the competition. He has achieved the top 16 results, and the experience is equally sufficient;

3. Defense: In the past 6 games, there are 5 games that can be kept zero. During the period, there were only 2 goals, and the quality of the rear defense line was as strong as a gold soup;

4. Guard: In the past 10 away games, there have been 8 times to successfully triumph, and the combat capabilities in different places are very strong;

5. Power: Previously, the United States and Australia were victorious. In the face of Brazil, they were only small and potential.


1. Attack: In the past 5 games, there have been 2 games that have not scored goals, and there are problems with the unstable line;

2. Montess: There are no success in 2 consecutive warm -up games. In the recent warm -up match, the morale is inevitable;

3. Players: Although there are many European players and the five major leagues in the battlefield, there are no world -high stars like Sun Xingzhang;

4. Trend: lost data for 2 consecutive games, and the overall trend has deteriorated;

5. Injuries: Fu’an Jianyang, Jiu Baojian British, Tanaka Bi, Pancang Kazakhstan, Asano Takuya, Shoutian Yingzheng, Yuanjo Hang and others have experienced injuries and hidden dangers.

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