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The World Cup reminder: England’s first game has won Iranian and the United States recently.




1. Ranking: At present, the world is ranked 5th, which is much higher than the US team (16th), and the overall strength is preferred;

2. Experience: Historically entered the World Cup 13 times in history, and won the championship, full of experience;

3. Montess: The World Cup was easily defeated by the Iranian team in the first battle, which opened a good start for the World Cup journey, which greatly boosted morale;

4. Attack: The World Cup won 6 goals in the first game, and the firepower firepower was extremely fierce;

5. Fighting: In the past, there were 4 confrontations with the United States team, and the results remained unbeaten and won 3 games.

6. Fortune: This participating list is selected by Kane, Forter, Gralish, Rashford, Stirin, Arnold, Walker, Madison, and the lineup is full of strength;

7. Player: The first battle forward of the World Cup, Sakame, opened the twice, Strah made a pass, and Kane also contributed two assists.

8. Warfare: At present, the group is the first in the group. If this campaign wins, it can lock the qualifying quota in advance.


1. Defense: In the past 4 games, there have been successful goals (10 goals), and there are major hidden dangers in the back line;

2. Trend: In the past 5 games, the data has been lost by 4 times, and the overall trend is poor;

3. Data: In the past 4 games, the game under the same initial data, in the end only one game successfully won;

4. Injuries: defender Kyle Walker, Macui, and frontal Madison are currently injured.



1. Factory: There are many stars who have played in the five major leagues in the formation, including the well -known Plissic, Reina, Jendling, McKeni, Dust, etc., and the lineup strength is equally good;

2. Age: The average age of this lineup is only about 25 years old, and only 3 players over 30 years old are one of the youngest teams in the Qatar World Cup. The team is full of vitality;

3. Experience: In addition to the deliberate absence of the last Russia World Cup, in recent years, it has rarely been absent from the World Competition, and the stage experience of the competition is also very rich.


1. Status: There have been no success in the past 4 games, and the status of the competition is not in the best period;

2. Montess: In the World Cup, the first battle of the World Cup was almost led by Wales before the end of the game.

3. Trend: 6 consecutive games did not run out of data, and the overall trend was very poor;

4. Guard: There have been no success in the past nine away events. During the period, 4 games lost, and the combat capabilities in different places were very poor;

5. Injuries: midfielder Dratere, Westton McKenney, Musa, all of them are currently injured, and this campaign has become doubtful.

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