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The World Cup reminder: Denmark has won 2 wins and 1 draw against the African team in the past three times




1. Group group: The same group is Australia in France. This time, in the face of weak Tunisia, there will be a strong desire to grab points;

2. Fortune: The big list of this call is basically the team of the European Cup. Wait for all names to be selected;

3. Age: The average age of this big list is 27.2 years, which has both experience and vitality;

4. Firepower: The offensive points in the team are relatively scattered, and the 9 goals in the European contact list are scored by 7 players;

5. Coach: Coach Yulman has coached the Danish team for more than two years, and can score 2.06 points in 33 events in various events, which belongs to the top coach;

6. Fighting: Denmark played a record of 2 wins and 1 draw in the nearly three teams outside Europe. Last time, the African team Cameroon won 2-1;


1. Tracks: Denmark was played in the previous World Cup. After the group stage played 1 win and 2 draws, it was eliminated by Croatia after the line. The entire series scored only 3 goals;

2. Defensive: There are 6 records of the goals in the past 10 games, and the overall defense stability has declined;

3. Injury stop: Valuation of the second goalkeeper in Berlin, Ronao, has thigh injuries, this campaign becomes doubtful;



1. Fortune: This big list recruited a lot of players who played for the European League, such as Montpellier striker Kazri, Odense striker Jebari, Birmingham’s front waist Merbury, Cologne back waist Skyri , Lorion Central Guard Tabari, etc.;

2. Status: The records of 6 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss have been played in the past nine games.

3. Experience: Tunisia has reached the final circle in the 5th World Cup in the past 16 years. It is not bad in both strength and experience;

4. Defense: In the past ten games, there are as many as 8 records of zero opponents. During the period, only 6 goals were lost, and the defense ability was quite good;


1. Fighting: Tunisia has played four or four in the World Cup in the past four times;

2. Coach: Although the coach Cadri has a wealth of coaching experience, his career score with less than 1.5 points is average, and he only takes over the team in January this year, and the number of practice with the team is less than 10 times. It

3. Age: The average age of this big list has reached 27.8 years. For a team that focuses on defending the counterattack, it is slightly owed;

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