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The World Cup reminder: Brazil’s preliminaries have won 5 times in the history of the preliminaries of the preliminaries.




1. Record: During the South American World Preliminaries stage, Brazil has been promoted to the World Cup with 14 wins and 3 draws with an undefeated record of 14 wins and 3 draws;

2. Honor: 22 times have been promoted to the World Cup, and 5 times won the World Cup championship. After the World Cup in England in 1966, Brazil has been able to qualify from the group stage for 13 consecutive World Cups;

3. Players: Only 4 of the 26 players in Brazil are not from the five major league clubs, which can be described as star -studded. The front line is led by Neymar, and he personally scored 75 goals in the national team;

4. Status: Brazil played 8 games in 2022 and won 7 wins and 1 draw. In the past 7 games, all winning victory showed a good competitive state;

5. Attack: Brazil’s offensive efficiency is extremely high in the previous 7 games. The number of goals scored in 6 games has reached at least 3 goals.


1. Breathing: Brazil’s right -front Anthony is suspected of injury and cannot be played for the team in this field.



1. Record: Serbia scored a 20 -point record in the European preliminaries in the European preliminaries, and pressed Portugal to advance to the World Cup group stage;

2. Squad: 19 in this big list comes from the five major league clubs. At present, the most goals of the national team are Fulham forward Mitrovich. The national team scored 50 goals in 76 times;

3. Status: The last game was a friendly match in Barin on November 18. They won their opponents 5-1. Since defeating Slovenia on June 5, Serbia has recently achieved 5 wins and 1 draw.


1. History: Serbia participated in the World Cup for the 12th time, but at the World Cup in South Africa and the Brazil World Cup, Serbia failed to go on the line;

2. Injury stop: center Alexander Mi Torovic and Middle Avantthrous Lulkic cannot be played in this field;

3. Defensive: There are only one out of the team in the past 4 games without a goal record, and there are hidden dangers in the defensive end.

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