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The World Chair-Laitaro’s continuous breakthrough in Argentina captured Colombia to win the winning streak


Argentine Liantian

At 07:30 on February 2nd, Beijing time (20:30 local time on the 1st local time), the 16th round of the 2022 World Cup South American qualifiers competed, Argentina 1-0 victory over Columbia, Law on the game, Argentina won, Argentina won the Argentine.Link.

Argentina rotated 6 people to appear, and Laitaro and Dimalia continued their launch.In the 29th minute, Akunia made a cross from the left, and Law Tartan was shot into the net at 12 yards.


Argentina 1-0, Laitaro

Argentina (4-3-3): 23-Martinez; 4-Montel, 6-Pedizola, 5-Martinez, 8-Akunia; 20-Loreso (80 ‘(80’, 7-Banedia), 18-Rodrigers, 17-Gomez (80 ‘, 2-Lucas-Martinez); 11-Di Maria (69’, 15-Gonzalez), 22-Laotaro (69 ‘, 21-Dibara), 16-Oxuast (58’, 13-Messa)


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  1. Is there the same Messi, just the icing on the cake

  2. Then I would rather be born in China [Yun Bei] [Yun Bei] [Yun Bei] [Yun Bei] Sad]

  3. There is Messi, Maradona, football is enough [Zuo]

  4. It is time to make friends with the European team

  5. without the effect of tumor, Argentina is like breaking bamboo.

  6. Come on Messi, the playoffs are optimistic about you [too happy] [too happy] [too happy]

  7. Raitaro has become the core of this Argentine team!

  8. Humorous brothers.

  9. In fact, the three big goals of Chinese men are not as good as Argentina. The three major Asian goals are more different than other continents. It

  10. Laotaro = Aguero

  11. [Yun Bei] Sometimes the national conditions are really true. At home, this has a great impact. Argentina is not as good as China, except for football ……

  12. There is no systemic tumor French Cup 16 Langlang Argentina consecutive victory

  13. Can Messi win without Messi?

  14. When I woke up, I won again

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